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Soldier's Real Life After War

Being born in a family with army background, i have experienced the sadness of seperation of my father when he goes on duty.


Call of war

The call of duty of my father who got posted to the border came at the time when I was learning the alphabets of English. Although I wasn't aware of the situation at the time and the work he was going for still my heart didn't want him to leave us. My mood turned gloomy right when he left to the border in the bus along with his troop but I felt safe and comfortable to be with my mother.

Soon the news of the matter was shown on the TV and I got to know about the actual situation, I hoped the matter to be eased off quickly and peacefully. I hoped for the return of my father. My friends at the school were of great support when I missed him

The long wait

It turned out, my prayers for peace weren't of much use as the situation worsened and went on for a month. My mother who acted normal in front of me was anxious and stressed about his safety and patiently waited for his call every day but the Telephone never rang.

All the people in our life, but my mother never had anyone except me to support her and I had no one except my mother.

The dreadful wait of a month brought in good news of the cease-fire agreement of both countries.But still, there was no news of my father and his men. Days passed with hope until the time came when people started to lose hope bit by bit.

Home coming

On a murky evening when we were on the brink of losing it all, my father appeared out of nowhere, at the front door.

The dim house lit up with zeal. I ran and hugged him tightly and thought of never letting go. My mother who never cried this whole time became numb with wet eyes.

A million feelings and words running through me but all that my voicebox could muster were - 'I missed you, dad, promise that you'll never go again. I love you'

'I love you son but I can't promis-' was all I could hear.

© 2021 P Ali Altaf Khan