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Snowflakes Were Falling Silently - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Every week Brenda Arledge gives us one word to evoke our creative potential and inspire us to produce a creative writing using that topic. This story is inspired and motivated by her week 45 word that is 'Snowflake'.

Snowflake is a word which evokes feelings of cool and calm in our mind and what could be a better option than to present a soft love like feeling resembling the snowflakes falling softly on the ground without any noise.

Snoflakes were falling silently

Harvey was living in a small town in the south of Minnesota and it was the time of the year for drizzles, rains, snowfall and people remained indoors until the weather clears. He was driving slowly as it was slippery and reached home about ten minutes later than the usual time. His office started early in the morning and by four in the afternoon he was usually home. Everyone was waiting for him. His son Robin wanted to play a game of checkers with him and took words from him in the morning itself. The two daughters Jeny and Sheena were, of course, busy with their games and in no way interested in any board game that Robin played with dad.

Romina was serving Harvey hot soup which he always relished and often praised and Romina simply smiled on that much-repeated appreciation.

Harvey called Robin and told him that after half an hour they will be having a great game of checkers as was decided between them in the morning.

Harvey wanted to enjoy his pipe and opened his office bag for the tobacco pouch.

Harvey found that the tobacco pouch was empty and he forget to buy a few new pouches while returning. He was just thinking that and he found Robin seeing outside the window.
"What is it Robin? Is it raining?", he asked in a polite way.
"No, dad. But I am seeing a little drizzling and a few snowflakes coming down. It is too silent outside."
"Can you get me a few tobacco pouches from the main lane corner grocery shop?"
It was just a 5 minutes job for Robin as he would be taking his bike and would return quickly.
"Yes dad, I would", Robin told in a matter of fact way.
Robin treated his dad as the elder brother. They had gone out to see action movies together so many times and had eaten their favourite burger in the multiplex. Harvey also treated Robin as a friend. It was a made for each other combination.

Robin was in college pursuing commerce while his two sisters were in school. He was a stout well built young man and the sisters generally avoided confrontation with him. But everyone liked Robin as he always extended a helping hand to family members whenever the need arose.

Robin took his raincoat and cap and also took the bike but was not feeling to ride and was just walking along it maneovring it with one hand. It was still silent out there and a few snowflakes were coming down slowly and silently. It might start heavy snowfall at any time, Robin was speculating.

He climbed on the bike and the next minute he was at the store. Only a few customers were standing at the front, buying some petty items. Robin got down and entered the pavement and then he saw Adrina standing near the other side of the shop under its extending terrace.
"What are you doing here?" Robin was surprised to see her.
"Hi, Robin. I came to drop my friend at the bus stop and was going back but it started to drizzle and I stopped by the shop waiting for it to subside but it is still there and snowflakes are also there now coming down. I don't want to get wet and catch a cold", she was grinning.

Robin and Adrina were in the same college and were friends. She lived in the same housing layout but her house was about 10-minute walk from the shop.

Robin bought a few tobacco pouches and kept them in his pocket. He told Adrina that she should wait a while as he would get her umbrella. Adrina told that drizzling might stop soon and she would manage but Robin knew she was just putting on a bold face and told her not to worry and not to move out till he returns. Robin did not wait for her further response and sped away to his house.

Harvey was waiting for Robin and thanked him for the tobacco and then Robin told him that Adrina wanted help and he would be going out and return after maybe half an hour. Harvey knew about Adrina and saw her during birthday celebrations and other functions and he liked the way she talked with them and behaved during those get-to-gathers. Harvey very well knew that Robin had soft feelings for Adrina.

Robin reached the shop, took the umbrella and handed over it to Adrina and started walking with her. Adrina always liked to chit chat with Robin. He was such a lovely friend. They were talking and talking and they did not know when they reached Adrina's house. The front porch light was on and her mother was standing on the window just observing the drizzle. He saw Robin coming with Adrina and opened the door and welcomed him. Robin told that his father was waiting for him for a game of checkers and he would go back. Adrina thanked him and returned him the umbrella.

Robin climbed the bike and started peddling. Before turning at the bend he glanced back and saw Adrina standing on the verandah looking towards him. Robin got down and waved to her. She responded and waved back energetically and then Robin again climbed back on his bike and sped to his house. He knew that Adrina liked him. Robin also liked her. He always felt good in her company.

Snowflakes were falling softly on the ground like dry leaves of the trees falling down in Autumn making no noise.

Snowflakes are falling

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