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Snotty-Nosed Kid


Snotty-nosed kid charged another dime drink to his father,

What, he thinks money grows on trees, why even bother?

There's that kid again, chewing up all the gum in my store,

Hope he doesn't spit out that stuff on my new-cleaned floor.


Snotty-nosed kid, his daddy got fired from his old job,

Hope he moves away, never comes back another day.

His daddy got a new, better job, is now making money,

That kid's so ugly, eyeglasses sure make him look funny.


The coach said he wished he had a dozen just like him,

The kid up and broke his leg at football practice today.

He's running around the field trying to get his wind back,

Getting scouted by big name colleges, to watch him play.


Snotty-nosed kid, went and got his back broken bad,

Seems that football is sure not the game for this lad.

Washed up and no place to go, all that running done,

Can't keep up a snail's pace, I'd bet on it just for fun.


Snotty-nosed kid graduated from high school today,

Said he was going off to college, I'll bet just to play.

His father told me later he graduated, now a teacher,

Funny though, he would have made a good preacher.


The kid made the dean's list and got another degree,

I just can't understand how he did it, for the life of me.

Snotty-nosed kid, working on his doctorate right now,

Tell me one thing, how did the kid do it, tell me how?