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Snatch You From Me


Love might be blind but the eyes of my heart see clearly.
Opinion might matter but I choose not to consider what's said.
You might be right, but you might also be wrong so amma take my chances.

I mean, it's the same community that won't support you but when you breakthrough they wanna say they played a part in it.
It's the same people who who don't know you but will be talking about you like you related.
It's them that only speak up when they don't like what you doing but will never congratulate you when they impressed with what you doing.

.. It's them people that talk and talk but I chose not to listen to their blubbering .
. It's not everyone that can set my heart on fire. It's not everyone that can feel happy and not scared of the dark.
.. It's a taboo they said.
They still hold onto totems.

.. But am happy being in the dark where they don't come much often, though they can't take it off their mouths.
Am happy knowing that am happy.
Am just happy of the thought that you are as happy as I am..
I wasn't prepared for critics, I wasn't even aware they were onto me.
I wasn't ready to fall in love and hide it.
But I know I can handle that.
I know I can always have you to back me up and make me smile..
I know I can count on you. Am not gonna let them break me. They can't take my happiness just because they don't agree with my decisions...
If need be I'll walk away and be far from them just to be with you.
Am not going to let them snatch you from me. Because you are mine.

© 2019 Amani Utembu