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Smoke Hung so Thick in the Library's Rafters That She Could Read Words in It.


Day 2 of the Writing Challenge


The Story

I'm a little late, but I think I still made it. Here is the submission for Day 2 of the Flash Fiction Challenge from https://www.eadeverell.com/.

I honestly didn't know if I wanted to continue this challenge. Since I just started yesterday I thought there wouldn't be any shame in quitting early, right? But I then realized how I hate losing, even if it's losing to my own negative thoughts. I think especially then. So, I hope you enjoy this quick read.

Smoke hung so thick in the library's rafters that she could read words in it. Big words appeared, ones she's never even read. There's also words she already knew. The only other person who could see it was her best friend, Mallory. But she's gone now. Went to a more peaceful place as they say.

She remembered how they came to discover that billowy blanket that caught the words that evaporated from the books they opened.

See, they were only seven, her and Mallory. They were hiding from Mallory's parents who wanted to move their family to another state. The two girls didn't want to be separated. They made friendship bracelets for each other and watched Hannah Montana on end. They even shared a love for books, something weirdly uncommon in their class.

They were crouching behind the bookshelves for what felt like forever and they decided to lie down. Here they came to see the wonder of the rafters. They called it the cloud because, well it looked like one, ready to pour out words instead of droplets.

It was the most beautiful thing they've ever seen. So they decided to meet here everyday to avoid Mallory's parents. It was a ritual and a protest all in one. It was an experience.

"Do you think we're just dreaming this?" She asked.

"Can the two of us have the same dream?"

As their legs and hair grew longer, they continued their little rendezvous. The meetings became sporadic with all the schoolwork they both had to do and Mallory going for her checkups.

Still, the best friends tried their best to go back to this little brick building with the cloud hanging from the rafters. They talked about the boys they've kissed and how they never want to do it again. They talked about Mallory's parents arguing about whether they should have moved 10 years ago. They talked about the universities they wanted to attend and how they should go home every summer to come back here.

She said, "UCLA seems like a good fit for me, don't you think?"

"As long as you think it's a good fit for you, it doesn't matter what I think."

When Mallory's condition got worse, the two met up here and she whispered her eulogy to her. She didn't want to do it, but her best friend insisted on hearing what she had to say when it happened.

"That's beautiful, and a little cheesy," Mallory said.

She didn't reply. She was in awe of what happened. The words in her little notepad came out of the paper and drifted upwards like a balloon. Her words literally hung in the air.

Now she's back home from college after her first year being away. It was fun, she thought, though she wished she had Mallory to email about her complaints and new discoveries.

When this cute girl sat next to her during her ethics class, all she wanted to do was tell her best friend. When the cafeteria was serving lucky charms for breakfast, she wanted to brag about how they have their favorite flavor of cereal. When she read the new John Green book, she wanted to share her insights with Mallory.

Everything was changing, but the words she said about Mallory last year still hung on the cloud.

You've reached the end!

Thank you so much for reaching this far. I hope you enjoy these stories, it will really push me to make more. All criticisms are appreciated, as long as they are constructive and not destructive. I want this platform to be chill and uplifting, unlike most social media platforms. Also, I need some tips on how to improve my writing and my style.

Again, a massive thanks if you have reached thus far

sending love, lyka

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