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Sleepless Nights of My Childhood

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My name is Starly. I am not an experienced writer but would like to share some of my stories.

Photo taken by Artem Maltsev

Photo taken by Artem Maltsev

Bothersome past

My name is Lenny, I live a normal life, normal job, the usual… until the age of 24, I still get nightmares and odd dreams. When I was a kid, we used to lived in a place called Tabon Kawit Cavite, our house was a like a compound where you had to walk down an alleyway before getting to our tiny neighborhood.

Our house was quite spacious; I was 5 years old at the time, which was probably around back in the early 2000’s. At an early age I already had my own room. My room had a large window to the left, facing my bed which was cornered on the right of my room. My window had blinds and a curtain to fully cover it since I don’t have much to see, all I know is that beyond my window was a space filled with trees, I don’t remember if they were banana trees but eh. I had a shelf at the foot of my bed, leveled high enough for me to watch TV or play games on my Super Nintendo Console back then.

Every night at around 8 to 9 PM, my mom would stay with me in bed to help me fall asleep; then she heads back to their bedroom, and every night… I would wake up at exactly 12 midnight, for no reason, no noise, no physical touch, no nothing. I would wake up at midnight, too scared to go to my parents’ room since out of my room was a hallway to their room and first thing turn to the left of my door was the spiral stairs all the way down the living room, right beside the stairs was also a huge arched window, my sister calls it the Amityville since that window looked a bit like the one from that horror film.

Photo taken by Ignat Kushanrev

Photo taken by Ignat Kushanrev

Sometimes I would muster up the courage to get out of my room to check the hallway, the night lights are on but looking at the gaps by the stairs, the living room was pitch black. At our hallway was a plastic glassed cabinet filled with stuffed toys and other odd looking dolls. I would walk to my parents’ bedroom to try and knock at the door to ask my mom to help me get back to sleep, no answer. I end up going back to my room and watch midnight shows until I fall asleep at around 2am. The first time I told my parents about it, they responded that I wasn't praying enough before going to bed. I prayed, I even had a rosary hanging my bed frame. I couldn't sleep with the lights off, I would always have my night light on before going to bed, but these still didn't help as to why I get up at midnight. Every night it happened until I reached the age of 12.

Moving out

By the time I was about to start going to highschool, I don’t remember what year was it… We moved to Imus Cavite, that’s the only time the midnight waking stopped. For the past few months things have been doing fine and normal, then I started having random nightmares at the age of 17 up until the present, it’s not on a daily basis, but like a few times a week. Most dreams I get are about trading with someone, making a deal with strange people, running away from something or going to strange places that seems familiar but totally different. I wouldn’t go much into detail about my dreams but they are mostly creepy, and I either wake up confused or filled with tears. I tried doing some research about dreams, some people say that the reason I woke up at night was because someone was watching me. Could it be coming from the trees outside my window? Was I just paranoid and imagining things too much? I was quite skeptical, and I'm not the type of person to believe in the paranormal, needless to say, it is still quite creepy to think about. To this day, I still have no answer as to what’s troubling me, and I’m torn whether or not I want to find out or not.

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