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My Secret Love

You Satisfy Me In So Many Ways

I look around and see no one coming

How wonderful it would be

To tell you my deepest thoughts

I have been carrying them around with me my whole life

Up to now

I never dared tell a soul

In day to day conversation

Many times I tried to tell you and many of my friends

Then I wondered

If word got out

What would you think of me ?

Would you understand ?

How could you ?

If you knew already

Why wouldn't you or someone else ever say anything

After all these years

Not even a word

Every day I would wait

For the perfect time

Then it was if something else became more important

Slowly I am going to lose my mind

How could this happen

I find time in the morning if not in the afternoon

To be together

At night was easy

Everyone else was easily distracted

After a long day

I can't wait to fall into your loving arms

You comfort me every time

Calming me down

When I get nervous

You are quiet but always listening

When I am upset

After spending time with you

My troubles don't seem as big

You didn't have to do or say anything

Just being with you

Made me smile

As soon as we are apart

I can't wait till we are together again

I look at the clock

How can I make time

When everyone is at work

I go to our secret place

After a few hours

I leave so happy

I think this feels so right

Most people think it's wrong

I have been in my car

Pulled into a quiet place

Hoping nobody would notice

In the past

I ran late for work because we just had to meet

Trying to cover for you

I would make up stories

I know they are lies

Then I dream

This can go on forever

I don't believe

What so many say

All good things must come to an end

Ever since we have been spending more time together

My life is different in so many ways

I feel more alive

I want to do and be more

It is as if

Somebody gave me a power bar or energy drink

I know they are so bad for you

All high in sugar and you can get your body hooked

Just like drugs

There were times I almost got caught

My explanation sounded fishy

Then as if guilt wasn't enough

I played it off

Like nothing had happened

I figured I have to tell someone

So there is no other way to say it

I love sleep

Anytime I get a free moment

I think how great a cat nap would be

Just ten minutes

Then it's a half hour before you know it

My wife is on to me

She will be shocked as you are

A few times

I have heard her say

It's two in the afternoon

Who goes to sleep now

I do

When I awake I assure you

I will be ready to take on the world

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