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Skin Swap


Here i am, studying, trying to "fit" into society
Now that i have gotten my qualifications, i go find a job in this two faced society
Still i try to escape the men in blue who try desperately to retire me
Harassed, molested, mocked for my ethnicity, this shit tires me
"i am sorry Mr. Black, we don't hire your type"
"Maybe if your hair was a bit straighter and your skin a bit more light"
"What are you really telling me madam, that i am a too heavy colored for this job?
"What do you want me to do, go flip burgers, sell drugs or rob?"
"You tell me that my hair is too nappy, my complexion too dark"
Please i need this job, tell me, when do i start?
"Please leave before i call the police and charge you for harassment"
"I told you we don't hire your type, didn't you understand that statement?"

I sat outside, i was angry, with tears filled eyes, now they run down my cheeks
I have been trying to find a job in this town for weeks
I see other races go in, they are accepted, they get the job, they win
Now i begin to see that i just may need to swap skin
how will i do this, my studies in genetics has taught me well
Some unlucky fellows life will be disturbed, someone will experience hell
I found an old abandoned building, quite isolated
I set up my lab there, i was driven by want, driven by need, driven by hatred
I went into town for a victim, one that looked healthy and able
Pretty soon he was strapped unto my cutting table,
He screamed and shouted, pleading to me telling me about his wife and kids at home
I cared not for his life, for his would soon leave him, and mine would now begin to bloom

I saw the tears in his eyes as it washed down his privileged little face
I had no pity, i only wanted this to be over quickly, so i can go on living as a new race
The needles were in, the program was automated.
Soon both of us fell into a deep sleep, while the two robots extracted my new skin, i was to be alive, but my unfortunate friend was to be belated
I was in sleep for several days, as the skin needed time to adjust and accept it's new host
After all, it's previous owner was now a ghost.
I woke up after a week, my body felt odd, i did not feel like me
Then i went straight for the mirror to see
I was shocked, i couldn't believe what i had accomplished
I now had a new identity, a new life, a new opportunity

My poor friend, lied there in the cold room skinless, now what race was he now he has no skin?
Pretty soon i went back to the same establishment, they hired me and now i got the job
But i planned a little something special for that lady who thought i was a little too dark
Soon she will wake up as black as the midnight
Soon she will have to run from the men in blue, who are just shooting for stripes
She will now learn, what it is like to be in someone else's skin
Skin wars, skin domination, until they are de-skinned, they don't know it's just a human within.

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