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Showing Pity for the Poor Car Trunk

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Taking a Romantic Nap in The Trunk


Follow This Thought if

you will. I repeat, just in case that you did not read my summary, the trunk on any car has to be the saddest, most-depressing, and most-pitiful area of the car, or any car. I wonder when the first car designers and builders drew-out the blueprints on how to build an automobile. As the engineers stood around a big table, they seen right off that the main designer (maybe Henry Ford) had an explanation and use for about every part that was to go on the first cars. That was until one of the lowest-paid engineers spoke up and said, “what are we going to put at the back of this car? As it stands, it looks kinda stupid,” the engineer said as he was being terminated.

But the little guy was right in his first impression of the works of an automobile. As the outspoken engineer was opening the factory gate, one of the designers ran to the door and yelled for him to come back to where the car plans were being discussed. When the humble engineer got there, the main engineer, the one who terminated him, asked, “you were right on your asking what we were supposed to build at the back-end of our car, so can you elaborate on what YOU think should be there?”

The little engineer was overwhelmed with joy. He began walking to and fro with excitement because he was needed some something, and not just a gofer to go get coffee for the rest of the Engineering Dept. That is what made America great. Little outspoken engineers who were not afraid to speak-up at the right time helped the Ford’s, Buick’s, Chevrolet’s, Vanderbilt’s, Melon’s and Carnegie’s all amass huge fortunes just by listening to those little unimportant engineers in their factories.

You Can Read Your Road Map in Your Trunk (While Parked)


Then The Little Outspoken Engineer

took on a serious look on his face. He began doodling with a No. 2 pencil on the table where the automobile plans were placed and after several pieces of paper, the engineer smiled a smile that belonged on Mount Rushmore, said, “I have it! It is so simple, you all could have solved the problem—eventually. So here is what you put on the back-end of the car: “The Opposite of The Front of The Car!” The engineers were stunned for a moment, then guffawed like a hyena looking for a mate and then terminated the little engineer a second time. But this time, no one ran to get him for other ideas. Instead, they placed a plaque on the men’s restroom that read: “Elbert Dewey Wilkins, of Detroit, MI., worked here for over 11 years in the engineer department and was let go last week. This plaque was put here in honor of his record of being the only employee who was fired two times in the same day.” No one ever knew the whereabouts of “Elbert,” and no one cared.

Eventually, this car factory got some great sense and got in touch with some sharp engineers in Sweden because they, these American car builders, one of the first ones, had heard about how the Swedish car designers were going gangbusters with the designs that their cars were being built and sold by the hundreds by the Swedish people.

When the Swedish assemblage arrived, a taxi picked them up and they were taken to the car factory where the engineers had faced a big problem of what they were supposed to build on the back-end of their car. Sweat on their foreheads ran like the Nile River. The Swedish group sat and ate the cheese from their country that they had the good sense of stowing the chunks of Swiss cheese into their briefcases. I would give them sudden-credit for being smarter than this American mob of engineers who did not know what to put on the back-end of their first car or what do do with it IF someone were smart enough to figure it out.

Even Elephants Have Handy Trunks


Now With The Swedish Engineers

and the American Car Co. engineers who had been stumped by this one, small problem of what to put on the end of their car, it was decided that a group of American citizens would be paid a small sum to take a tour of their plant and to stop by the assembly line where their first car was almost finished, all bu the end of their car. Then the group could add suggestions on an index card and leave it into a wooden box and at the end of the week, all of the cards could be studied and the best suggestion to finish the car’s back-end would win a grand sum of $6.00, which was big money in the late 1940’s.

So at week’s end, excitement filled the air as the plant manager retrieved the wooden box of suggestions and hauled it to the employee break room so he and the rest of the higher-up’s along with the engineers (all but the terminated engineer, “Elbert”) could sit down, sip coffee and make the decision on what could be built on the end of their beautiful car.

The vast array of suggestions were as wild as the rhinoserous in North Africa. Some of the suggestions were: Hole in The Car; Car Hole in One; Back-End Mouth; Metal Box; Metallic Lips; and lastly, Skunk, and no one knew why an animal was used to name the car’s back-end, but the contest was enjoyed by the citizens who took the tours and the plant personnel.

On one fateful Tuesday morning at 9ish a.m., a poor country rube-looking man came bumbling into the reception area of this car factory and smiled at the receptionist. She asked what she could do for him and he told her he wanted to see the car that he had seen last week and asked to leave a card with his idea for a name to be used in a contest.

The receptionist called the plant manager who came and took the country man and the plant manager told him to go with him to see the car again and see why he left the suggestion of SKUNK as an idea for the back of their car.

At first, the country man was confused. He looked stunned as he scratched his head and looked off in space. Then he looked at the plant manager and asked,

“I know that I am not very smart, but on my card here, I made a big mistake,” and laughed.

“What’s the mistake, sir?” the plant manager said with lots of curiosity.

“Welllll, suh, I remember that day where I took that tour last week along with the other people and I left this very card to say what should be put on the name of the back of the car,” he explained. “Know what I meant to say?”

“Meant to say?” the plant manager said in shock.

“Yes, sir. You see I wanted to use the word TRUNK, not SKUNK, cos’ I did not get but a third-grade education. I am sorry,” he said very humbly.

From that moment forward, the plant manager, engineers, and even the CEO was wild about the country man’s idea. TRUNK. They walked in a line around inside of the plant saying TRUNK because it sounded so right. And on top of that celebration, the plant owners and others decided to GIVE the poor country man the very first car that a TRUNK was used to put on the back-end. The country man was so happy, but he told the plant manager that he first had to learn how to drive.

Since that fateful day in the car plant where the country man and the plant manager found the country man’s error, in life today in 2019, you can Trunk and Trunks in almost every area of our lives. (See photos on this hub). You can have Tree Trunks; A person’s lower abdomen is referred to as the Trunk and of course, the favorite one: Elephant Trunks.

Amateur and Professional Boxers Use Boxers


Look at These Imaginative

Uses For a Car’s Trunks

  • Storing food and water in case a natural disaster causes you to be left on the interstate.
  • Transporting pets, trash, clothing, hobbies, even other humans who want to be taken from town.
  • You can, if you must, get a good night’s sleep in a trunk, but wake up BEFORE the car starts.
  • A trunk makes a great hiding place because who looks into a stranger’s trunk?
  • A trunk is the perfect place to be alone for you to enjoy some “You Time.”
  • (Depending on the size of the trunk) four people can play poker in the trunk.
  • You can sing until your heart is content in a trunk—and playing your guitar while in the trunk.
  • Storing some racy letters that your old girlfriend (old boyfriend) to keep your companion from taking your head off.
  • At home or in town, if a severe thunderstorm hits, the trunk makes a great storm cellar.
  • Want to leave it all, simply get into your trunk with food, water and you have it made.
  • Get a joke on some passerby by yelling to them from inside your trunk.
  • Take water, clean clothing, and get a refreshing bath and change of clothing.
  • Trunks are perfect for taking time to read your daily newspaper—through and through.

This Pretty Girl Appreciates The Tree Trunk


I Hope That You Got

a nice revelation about car TRUNKS. Now to go on a bit further, have you ever thought about the noun, TRUNK? I didn’t until last night at this writing. TRUNK is such a fun word to say. “Look, ma! There’s Uncle Dave’s old steamer TRUNK!” See? Trunk fits almost every avenue of life. Then you can hear “in the black TRUNKS, Josey Dillard, going against, Charlie X, in the Red TRUNKS,” the things that boxers wear to cover their back-ends.

Did you get that? The things that boxers use to cover their back-ends? TRUNKS . . .

Hmmmm. Maybe, just maybe, this is where TRUNK and TRUNKS originated.

This, my friends, is just too coincidental!

September 1, 2019___________________________Happy Labor Day to Everyone!

Hey, It's "Uncle William's" Steamer Trunk


© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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