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Short Story: I Am the Dirt You Want to Clean

Sitting by the seaside, on a wooden bench, I was watching the rising sun and plotting the words on my diary to describe the beautiful panorama. I alerted my five senses to function extraordinarily. I was trying to give a natural fragrance to my description thereby was acutely observing every side. The sea waves were trying to overtake each other and were creating background music. The sea breezes were dancing and each move brought freshness to the area. Birds on branches were singing their anthem before distributing the duties and responsibilities of the day. A group of fishermen was resolving their tangle nets when a tall, dark boy, holding a microphone alone with a cameraman came and requested them to say something about how to save the beauty of the earth, in front of the camera. One of the members of the crew took out a small comb and moved the comb smoothly on his half-bald head and stood straight in front of the camera. The reporter started saying his lines:

“Good morning viewers today the world is celebrating earth day and we are here on the beach to ask people about how to save the earth from pollution and how we can play our part to maintain the glory of nature. Yes, please (the cameraman moved the camera towards the fisherman who tried to collect his confidence, gave a tough look, and started.)

“I have been working here for thirty years and of course we always enjoy the beauty of nature. Therefore we respect nature and always want to preserve it. Every day about ten thousand people came here. The government should take measures to protect this place from land, water and other types of pollution because this is the place in the city where people come and feel themselves near to nature.”

An organization with its members who were wearing white shirts with the slogan “save earth save nature” appeared in buses. They scattered and started cleaning the beach. The reporter thanked the fisherman and rushed towards the crowd and started asking them. A healthy lady who was holding a bucket and was picking up the plastic rappers said with enthusiasm “Being a good creature of this planet we must keep our responsibilities towards this planet. Nature will be good to us when we will adopt caring behavior towards it. I get spiritual happiness to do this for our planet and encourage others to be kind to nature.”

The people gathered around the lady one by one. The reporter was inquiring about the organization's mission when six years old boy in an untidy, clumsy outfit hardly managed to come in the first line of the semi-circle, formed around the reporter and the lady. The reporter when saw the boy, took the microphone near to his mouth and asked “Yes, little boy what are you doing to save the planet?”

The boy got startled, gave a straight look to the camera, and continued abruptly in a nonstop way “I save the planet earth from meteoroids, fireballs, and aliens. I have just played level one but want to play and win other levels as well. Earth usually gets into trouble, I want to save it but my father gives me his mobile phone when I caught fishes of more than ten kg which happens rarely.”

The crowd started chuckling, the reporter tried to make him understand again but the cameraman gave the boy a planet ball and asked the reporter to let him go. They continue their work asking questions to the people in the crowd but the boy moved to the other side slowly and looking to the ball from each side with a grin on his dark face. He then turned his arm to 360 degrees as throwing the ball to batman and gradually disappeared into the slum area that was quite far from me.

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