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Short Story: Arrogant Shoes and Socks Patient

Halley is a man who wants to share his experience through writing. I am excited about new things, especially social relationships.

Various kinds of Shoes

Various kinds of Shoes

Arrogant Shoes and Socks Patient

A man walks into a shopping center. He walked around the streets in the shopping center. His eyes looked at the store that lined up the shoes. Before the man entered a shop that sells shoes. The shoes are busy talking. And every day a lot of visitors who come. one of them a man who looks luxurious like a wealthy businessman.

"This time I must be chosen, look at the man. He must be a successful businessman. The coat is expensive, the pouch is thick. The money is definitely a lot. "Said Leather shoes.

"We may be chosen. He definitely wants to exercise and we are the most suitable "said sports shoes.

"Hehe ... he looks casual maybe he wants to relax so we are the most suitable" said casual shoes.

The man began to walk into the shoe store. He started talking to the waiter. The man wandered around observing the shoes one by one. Apparently he began to glance toward the ranks of leather shoes. He pointed toward the shoes that cost fantastic. Unmistakably, the man was indeed a wealthy and successful entrepreneur. He also took one of his numbered leather shoes numbered and size 40. Shoes are selected cheerfully and feel happy.

"You guys see this guy chose me. I was lucky this time. Bye-bye "shouted leather shoes to all the other shoes.

The transaction was done. The man then took his debit card and handed it to the shop assistant. After a while the man left the shop and the shopping center with a package containing the shoes of his choice. Go to the car park and take his car to go home at sundown afternoon.

The man arrived at home and out of his luxury car entered the house to his room. The 10-meter-wide room has a shoe storage area. She unwrapped the package and picked up her newly purchased leather boots, placed in another row of shoes.

"Hi-hi i'm new shoes. No wonder I'm chosen, you guys seem to be outdated and unfit to wear. Your color has faded and I will replace you all into your master's choice of shoes. "The shoes said to the other shoes.

Other shoes just smiled and ignored the new shoe's words.
The next day in the morning at 06.30 wib. Shoe storage cabinet was opened. The man began to observe the arrangement of shoes neatly lined up on the shelves. Taken the new shoes.

"You see that I am the one chosen not you. You are just worn-out and worthless shoes ". Called the new shoes pride themselves.

The shoes were worn by the man and headed to the office. During the trip to the office. The shoes are mocking socks embedded in him.
Hey kaoskaki. You know my price is millions while you are cheap so do not get too close to me.

"I'm just a worn socks, shoe, tomorrow I'll be thrown away, see I've got a hole" answered socks.

"Oh if I am of course ten years old I can stand it and I'm very comfortable to wear". Shoes explained.

Every working day socks are always insulted. Various socks did not escape the shoe insults. Until one day it rained heavily. Seemed the man confused, he saw diparkiran car there are puddles to the calf. Because of the urgent time he went out with the new shoes and socks. They are inundated by the puddles.

Arriving in the shoe workshop and kaoskaki released. Beside the man's seat and he started to work as usual.

"I'm certainly resistant to water and will be dried again, hey foot if you're happy to wear me." Said to the foot.

"Yes I'm glad because every day socks protect me". Answer the foot

"Instead of me who lifted up your legs, made your look beautiful. It's not the socks that hide inside me. "Shoes kept telling their feet.

"Your socks will be thrown today. You're no longer worthy of use. "Shoes mock socks.

"Yes I made it just to keep the feet. Cover it every day and I'm grateful I can be useful, beneficial to this man and his legs. "Answer the socks patiently.

Apparently, it is true what is delivered by the shoe about socks. Socks were lifted and put into the trash. Shoes laughed at the disposable socks.

"You see feet. Now I'm looking after you. Without a shirt I can not afford it with that shabby socks "said the shoe to the man's legs.

The man wore shoes and went home. During the trip, there is a traffic jam. It turns out during driving a car and congestion. feet yelled in pain. Shoes that are wet and because of the friction that occurs during congestion. Causing the man's feet was injured and issued an unpleasant odor.

Arriving at home, the man was annoyed to see his legs hurt and the smell of his feet are less delicious. he kicked the shoe.

"Why am I kicked" shouted shoes.

"You too will be thrown out because you hurt me." Answered the foot

"But I'm new and expensive shoes" grumpy shoes.

The man got up from his seat and took the shoes and dumped them in the trash. The shoes were grieved over what happened to him. He is sorry for his arrogance and pride.

The man will move as usual because he has everything. It was easy to buy new shoes. It turned out that the use of these shoes no longer than socks and within a few weeks the shoes are thrown away.

Shoes and Socks

Shoes and Socks

Comfort Training Shoe


Reviews The Story Above

In this life we ​​can be reborn into the arrogant shoes. Sometimes we feel we are superior to others. Privileges owned in terms of beauty, beauty, wealth, and others. Make us forget the purpose of ourselves created. The arrogant attitude of the shoe is only temporary. Regret will arise, after an event that reminds us to not be a neglectful person and forget the identity as a human being.

"Shoes are simply abandoned because of the circumstances, without realizing that the new leather boots hurt the feet of the male owner.The value of shoe excellence is simple: shoes are made to protect the feet and are comfortable to wear when juxtaposed with socks".

Life is interconnected with each other. We can not be an individual selfish person.
"Socks made to protect the feet are a pair of shoes".

Shoes think his sincerity more than socks, and shoes feel himself the most powerful. The humble attitude of socks who realize themselves for what is created

allows us to take messages from the above story.

In this life we ​​must be a useful and useful person for others. Because, in fact, when the time comes we will receive the time limit for us to be created.

Stop to feel superior and perfect from other human beings.

Useful in life and do not be a proud man.

Shoes wasted

Shoes wasted

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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