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Short Story: The Music Within Us All Sings Praises

Tim Truzy is a poet, short-story author, and he is currently working on several novels.

Jubilee two-stepped on tulips and other flowers like these when she arrived on Earth.

Jubilee two-stepped on tulips and other flowers like these when she arrived on Earth.


Without question, music bridges cultures. Recently, I attended a Hindu holiday festival where people were singing and praising. Although the names of their gods are different from the name Jesus Christ, I knew they were engaged in acts of love toward His Creations. After all, Christ loved all people. I desire to imitate His example in my imperfect life. Indeed, all of us have the language of music within us.

This story is written for the great authors I've met and my readers. This tale is also written for my friends/followers in the Hub Pages community. Enjoy: Short Story: The Music Within Us All Sings Praises.”


Short Story: The Music within Us All Sings Praises

Jubilee placed her violin case on the first rays of dawn, surfing down to the meadow where she was assigned to go in the dimension of mankind. She was pleased with her landing beside a bunch of flowers. She raised her head and hands, offering praised to the Almighty God. That is her favorite thing to do because Jubilee is an angel. Praising and obeying Him is and forever will be her very nature.

Picking up her violin case, she looked around. The mountains looked so clean and beautiful at dawn with the spring vibrant. Jubilee wanted to dance, figuring an Irish jig with a flavor of Appalachian two-step to be appropriate. She spotted an adorable daisy and whispered, “Mind if I borrow your petals, friend!” The flower shook with approval.

Jubilee shrank to the size of an insect. Stepping on to the flower, her mini-concert began. The trees swayed and flowers waltzed in place. Even snakes and worms were charmed, wriggling delightfully with the tunes flowing from Jubilee's violin. The angel rejoiced knowing she could “fiddle” and dance just like the people of the great mountains before her.

An excited chorus of life joined the tiny angel in her celebration of joy. The smallest of insects harmonized with the little angel’s melodies of country taste and soulful joy. Birds flapped their wings and whistled a festive melody. Frogs in the distance provided a deep bass croak in time with the song until it was done. They clapped with wings, scales, pincers, and paws when she was finished.

Jubilee then motioned for the creatures and plants to be still, they obeyed. This is because every living being can recognize the presence of God in their very existence, heeding messages from His Court.

They knew Jubilee; she knew them all. They could speak with Jubilee; she could communicate with them. Such is the nature of things.

With deep reverence, she played a slow classical piece in praise of God for Creation. The clouds seemed to brighten as she reached a gentle crescendo, stirred to life by the beautiful musical offering. The sun beamed enthusiastically, acknowledging the Omnipotent Creator. The nearby stream kept time to the fluid movement of Jubilee’s bow across the strings of her instrument.

all belong to Him and He loves all, even those who deny Him – the overwhelming theme of the powerful solo exclaimed.

This is a house like the one Rhonda lived in.

This is a house like the one Rhonda lived in.

Finishing her tune, Jubilee stepped down from the flower, growing to the size of a baby mouse. A plump tuxedo cat walked over. “Excuse me, Angel Jubilee, I thank you for the wonderful music. I relish great songs. I'm Zack.” He stuck out a paw which Jubilee gleefully grasped. “Tell me: what brings you to Earth?”

Jubilee smiled, releasing the cat’s paw, she said, “I’m assigned to a little girl. Her name is Rhonda.” She pointed to a house, right outside of the meadow, “She lives there; I do believe.”

Zack meowed with excitement, “That’s my friend, Rhonda. She likes music, too. Her mother just left for work and . . . .”

The door to the house opened and a ten-year old girl with the kindest eyes and long black hair called out softly, “Zack, come get your breakfast. Come on, silly cat.”

Zack gestured to Jubilee, and she hopped on his back, riding the little chubby cat like he was a horse. Zack wasted no time getting to the house, and he tore into his food bowl. He purred, “I like good food, too!”

This is a church like the one Rhonda went to visit when her mother was working.

This is a church like the one Rhonda went to visit when her mother was working.

Zack finished his meal as Rhonda was heading out the door. He meowed, “Come on, Jubilee. Let me show you where Rhonda goes to make music.”

They followed Rhonda down a dirt road. They hid behind bushes, ducked around trees, and scrambled through yards to keep up with the girl who eventually crept through the back door of a church. Zack and Jubilee sat on a nearby log to listen.

The angel heard the most glorious sounds emerge from an organ. She was astonished while Zack remained still. The sounds reminded Jubilee of the music of Heaven, resonating with the strings of time and all Creation held in His Majestic Hand. She looked up at a window, and Rhonda appeared to glow. She thought the girl saw her, but realized that could not be because Jubilee was invisible to humans.

Jubilee whispered to her companion, “Zack, she has found the music of her soul. She is radiant.” The angel couldn’t resist. Jubilee pulled out her violin and began to play with the young girl.

They played a majestic duet. Jubilee led in the song. Rhonda followed. The angel allowed the young girl to listen to her soft melody without being seen. Rhonda kept pace skillfully with every change of rhythm and chord progression, eventually taking the lead until the last notes. Finally, the duo gracefully played a variety of old and new gospel tunes.

Jubilee said with great pleasure, “She is a genius, kitty!”

Rhonda stopped after several hours and left the church. While sprinting and grinning, she muttered, “I felt so inspired, like someone was there with me. I was imagining things.”

Zack trailed Rhonda performing the same clever moves as he did earlier. Jubilee laughed and held on all the way to Rhonda's house.

Rhonda has the keys to making music.

Rhonda has the keys to making music.

Rhonda rushed into the front door, “Mother!” she exclaimed.

“How was practice, Rhonda? Did you have fun?” her mother asked.

Something was wrong. Her mother was not upset but pleased.

An older smiling lady stepped out of the kitchen. Glancing at Rhonda, she said, “Well, finally, I meet the girl who has been playing my organ with such authority. I’m Mrs. Walkins, the church’s music director. Where did you learn to play?”

“No one ever taught me.” Rhonda said nervously, “Am I in trouble?”

Mrs. Walkins chuckled, “Who do you think left the back door opened in the church?”

Her mother nodded, “Mrs. Walkins, Rhonda has a gift.”

“That’s why I’m here, Rhonda. You have perfect pitch and you are amazingly creative on the organ. I asked your mother could I train you. dear child, it’s good to know how to read music.” Mrs. Walkins went on, “You have your mother’s talent.”

Rhonda looked at her mom. “You never told me you were a professional musician. I knew you taught music . . . “

Her mother laughed, “Yes, I traveled the world. I was a concert keyboardist. I didn’t want you left alone. You are the music flowing from me.”

Mrs. Walkins added, “Your mother decided she rather teach than travel. She stopped coming to our church, preferring to raise you quietly. That’s why you attend the church across town.”

Rhonda’s mother said softly, “you found that church for a reason. You need the guidance of Mrs. Walkins. No pressure. If you don’t want to do this . . .”

Rhonda shouted, “Mother, I want to learn!” The three of them laughed and shared cups of tea and cookies.

Jubilee and Zack wept in gratitude to Him as they listened outside.

A church like the one where Rhonda spoke about her future.

A church like the one where Rhonda spoke about her future.

Jubilee said farewell to the animals and plants in the meadow. Zack purred, “Please, come see me again, angel. I’ll always be your friend.”
“The same goes for all of us!” said the other creatures in unison.
“I will.” Jubilee promised. “Now, I must say good-bye.”

Jubilee returned to her normal height. She forwarded time, finding herself in front of a large church.

Rhonda was facing a crowd of cheering people assembled at the building thirty years later. Jubilee still felt an effervescent presence within Rhonda’s heart.

Rhonda spoke to the crowd, “I've won awards for the compositions I've written honoring my Savior, journeying to sing His praises. But I am home to end those travels. I am starting a school to train young musicians because there is music within all of us. I want to be like those two women who inspired me, my mother and Mrs. Amanda Walkins. I don’t believe in muses, but I believe in angels. When I was ten, at the little church that once stood here, I played an old organ. Right outside the window, I believe there was an angel listening, even playing music with me. I thank her, too.”

Jubilee knelt praying to the Lord in deep love for His Holy Power.

Jubilee says good-bye to Earth temporarily.

Jubilee says good-bye to Earth temporarily.

Jubilee's task was complete. She found a small meadow with colorful flowers and offered up this prayer:

“O My God! Thou art powerful beyond any being Thou hast created! Thou art the Author of all Things Seen and Unseen. Thou art worthy of Praise. All Praise belongs to Thee. Even if I was to sing Thou Praises for all eternities, my praise still is minute in comparison to the Glory Thou art.

Guide me, O Lord! He who ruleth everything. My Lord! I recognize Thou art mighty beyond any imaginable power. Thou art the Forgiver of all imperfections and faults! He who alone has shed His blood so mortals can be with Thee, remember me. Let Thy servant returneth to the Kingdom where all of the universes are ruled. Bring me to Thy Presence, leaving the Realm of Mankind. Let my essence sing the melodies which are worthy of Thee. Give me the passageway through all portals Thou hast created to arrive amongst those who dwell with Thee in the Kingdom. Forever and ever. Amen.

A brilliant beam of purity parted the sky, and Jubilee ascended back to Heaven.

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