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Short Story: The Beauty Flower

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.


She flew high in the sky, twirling and whirling. Her graceful movements and radiant beauty attracted other dancers who formed a circle around her and danced in tandem. Their movements flowed in graceful arcs, their limbs in a constant motion.

She was so absorbed in dancing that she did not notice the presence of the others. Her slender body swayed with a celestial music that only her kind could hear. You see, their bodies were equipped with a mechanism that allowed them to hear divine music and universal sounds that came from nowhere and permeated everything.

Multi-colored hues encircled her body. Lucky were those from her kind who were close to her to bask in her divine shield.

How did she get to radiate and shine so bright? Nothing in her upbringing or natural abilities equipped her to stand out from the others, certainly not to this degree?

Those who knew her before the transformation phase were pleasantly surprised by her quick ascent. It gave them hope that others could rise above their present conditions and transform into a more beautiful version of themselves.

At the first light, the sky opened, and nature was pierced by a light so bright that those in attendance were blinded. A gentle laughter was heard, and most were taken in a gentle swirl that lifted them higher and higher.

It happened in a flash and then they were no more. Their ascent was complete, and he was left looking at the blue sky feeling the loss of such dazzling beings.

Stayed Behind

“You could have gone with them; why didn’t you?” he asked.

“I still have business here,” she said.

“What is more important than your ascent?”

“The rise of the whole community is as important. Someone has to hang around and remind those who stayed behind of what they can grow to be. They risk forgetting who they truly are. Until all of us are transformed into what we are meant to be, I cannot be absolutely free and ascend.”

“Do you run the risk of forgetting?”

“Not a chance. There is a mechanism built into the very fabric of my being that is triggered the moment I come close to forgetting. My system resets itself and I become what I am supposed to be; the closest to those who preceded us and whom we all must follow.”

“How do you think she managed to get to the level she reached? That’s a remarkable and utterly surprising achievement for her,” he said.

“She had a profound and genuine desire to get done with her mundane level, and an unwavering focus on what was most important. Her unshakable faith and the strongest of volition were instrumental in her rise.”

He asked her if she would let him stay close to her so she could pull him up with her when the time came.

She shook her head as she explained that it was not her role. Her purpose in life was to remind those who strayed from the path of what they signed for in their original contract, their ultimate destiny.

“I keep each of you in my mind with all your peculiarities and yearnings. I have memorized your original life contract of what you are meant to be and do. I can only promise to remind you.”

The Beauty Flower

He wanted to know if the flash of light the two of them witnessed before the dazzling creatures disappeared was their ultimate goal. She explained that the flash of light was just the physical manifestation of what their internal work had transformed them into. Physical displays were not the end goal; the real deal was.

“The real deal; what is that?”

“This is where you have to focus your attention and energy to find out.”

“I heard of The Beauty Way; what is it? I am intrigued and want to go there but I do not want anything to change from the way I now live. I have worked hard, too hard at times, to get to where I am now. How did it all start?” he said.

“They all emerged from a giant flower that had petals in vibrant tints. They called her The Beauty Flower. Truly, its beauty was breathtaking.

“A large pink pearl was nestled in its center surrounded by small silver pearls. The whole thing was majestic and bewitching.

“One by one the sky dancers emerged from the Beauty Flower. They flew high up as they twirled. The surroundings were colored with an amalgam of green, blue, orange, yellow, and indigo purple.

“The night before, a super pink moon illuminated the sky, making the night as clear as day. At the first light, the sky slit open right above the Beauty Flower. All the creatures close to the surface escaped their space immediately and flew. She was the first to fly and the rest followed her.”

“What would make the flower beings want to escape such a lovely spot? Unless there is a place even more magnificent that beckoned to them. What place could be even more delightful than living in the Beauty Flower?” he said.

“They simply outgrew their situation and their level. Transformation usually means abandoning the life we knew and outgrew to start a new life, the one we are meant to live.

“Various methods exist to help you go through a genuine transformation and get closer to be what you are meant to be. A genuine feeling of gratitude, opening your heart, and giving thanks is one of them.”


© 2021 Liliane Najm

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