Short Story About Myra Hindley

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Colleen has a Master’s degree in English Literature and is an author of stories and articles focusing on the dynamics of human relationships

Moors Murderer, Myra Hindley : 23rd July 1942 - 15 November 2002
Moors Murderer, Myra Hindley : 23rd July 1942 - 15 November 2002 | Source


While no-one can know the thoughts of Myra Hindley as her own death became imminent, she appeared to have felt deep guilt and regret for her part in what has come to be called “The Moors Murders”.

Still, those tears she shed during her final interviews, and perhaps in the privacy of her cell, could never begin to erase the emotional carnage brought about by these crimes.

In this story of under 1000 words titled “Broken Biscuits” Myra Hindley reflects on the past.


STORY: Broken Biscuits

The only glow in this cell is sparked by the flame from my cigarette.

Outside, there are bound to be fireworks soon - hoots of delight at the start of the coming millennium. Nearly all the other women on my cell block have gone to the common room to gorge on whatever cakes and sweets they have bought from the canteen or cadged from correspondents and visitors. They will guzzle “prison wine”, made from rotted fruit and yeast pilfered from the bakery. The guards will either have been paid not to see, or are showing some scrap of humanity.

For my part, I like the comparative peace of my cell. I don’t need sweets, don’t want biscuits and least of all any wine. Thinking back, there was far too much wine during those first months with Ian Brady. He would swallow caffeine tablets throughout the day, then soak up alcohol in the evening. I did sometimes wonder why, since he was not ill in any way, he would take tablets. Still, with everything he said or did, I rarely dared query.

Moors Murderer, Ian Brady : 2nd January 1938 - 15 May 2017
Moors Murderer, Ian Brady : 2nd January 1938 - 15 May 2017 | Source

The Onset of Menace

It was often well into the second bottle that he would start to chat about murder. The word “chat” seems peculiar I know. Still, in all truth, that was how it struck me. In hindsight, I think Ian mapped it that way in order to blur my threshold between mere talk and reality.

He referred to the killing of one human being by another as the ultimate power. Then, he might add that since every living creature must die, to kill was merely to expedite nature’s intent. Still, he was gentle with animals, nurtured plants, even treated stones with some reverence. By the time I knew he intended to kill, I had become subjugated.

The clock on my cell wall says 11-30 pm. I don’t bother to wear a watch anymore-time here is whatever the prison decides. At first, after my arrest time lost all meaning; each day felt like a tunnel I would need to slog through. Early on, in Durham jail, I tried to die by suicide. The guards stopped me. At that time I felt enraged by what seemed like their meddling, forcing me to stay alive just for sport.

Now I am glad, grateful even. How so? I hope to live out my last years in freedom. My pleas to parole boards have been rebuffed. Still, having gone back to the faith of my growing years, I have found inner sustenance. The prison Chaplain has assured me that if I am honestly sorry for all I did, God will forgive me.

If God can, why not society too? While far from young, I am not yet sixty. I might still live out my final years in freedom. Still, I can never escape being viewed by so many as the media dubbed me back then, “Myra Hindley the most evil woman in Britain”. Yet, none of us are born evil.

Born in Manchester, I cannot recollect much about my early years. I must have been bright enough, since I was always in the A stream. Still, I seldom went to school. Why bother when there was no-one at home to notice or nag me? At fifteen I left school. Forced to take whatever work was on offer. After a first job with no joy, I became a typist at a sales firm.

By then, at nineteen, having dated my share, I had become engaged to a local lad, Ronnie Sinclair. He and I got on, quite fancied each other. We would have married, had kids I've no doubt, but before that could happen, I met Ian Brady. He was one of the salesmen who dictated letters to me.

Having learned from my office mates that he had no wife, fiancee or girlfriend, his aloofness intrigued me. I ended things with Ronnie Sinclair, my only reason being that I had become consumed by my thoughts of Ian.

Saddleworth Moor is in the Peak District National Park, North West England where Ian Brady and Myra Hindley courted each other and then began murdering children
Saddleworth Moor is in the Peak District National Park, North West England where Ian Brady and Myra Hindley courted each other and then began murdering children | Source

The Plan Accelerates

At last, Ian did ask me out. After we’d dated awhile, he brought me to the Saddleworth Moor. It was there he began to talk of murder in such a way that I knew he was serious. Viewing my horror at such a thought, he vowed I need not be involved in any actual violence. My role would be to coax children into our car.

Together, Ian and I wove a number of pretexts: giving a child a lift home before dark, help needed in finding a costly glove lost somewhere on the moors, large boxes we needed help carrying into our home.

Together we killed five children, between July 1963 and October 1965.

The Moors Murderers second victim, 12yr old John Kilbride, whom whilst eating broken biscuits bought with his pocket money, was lured to his death by Myra Hindley
The Moors Murderers second victim, 12yr old John Kilbride, whom whilst eating broken biscuits bought with his pocket money, was lured to his death by Myra Hindley | Source

The Anguish of Recollection

Details on those killings can only cause pain, both to me in recalling, and to anyone reading this. Still, I will say the memory which hurts me the most, is that of a lad, twelve years old, who had stopped to buy a bag of broken biscuits.

We killed him.

I wish I could find some reason; I can’t. Brady and I broke young lives near their roots. As to why he initiated those killings, or more to the point, why I took any part, I can offer no answer.


Arrival of The New Millennium

Now, from the common room outside my cell, I hear a wild shout of joy, on this first minute after midnight. Can those trapped, lost women hold any real hope this new millennium will bring them any genuine change?

Still, I do understand their bravado- cling onto it myself, in a way. In order to keep that torment at bay, ever eager to make us wither inside, we must keep some spark alive, even if it is as meager as the flame from my freshly-lit cigarette, my last one, which somehow, for no reason I can give voice to, I have saved to savor.


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      • Colleen Swan profile imageAUTHOR

        Colleen Swan 

        15 months ago from County Durham

        I was in America during that time. I'm sure it was horrifying for those of you in England.

      • old albion profile image

        Graham Lee 

        15 months ago from Lancashire. England.

        Hi Colleen. I well remember this horrifying duo. The Manchester papers were awash with the horrors. I shall never forget.

      • Colleen Swan profile imageAUTHOR

        Colleen Swan 

        2 years ago from County Durham

        Hi Larry, Thank you for looking in. Glad you found this article of interest.

      • Colleen Swan profile imageAUTHOR

        Colleen Swan 

        2 years ago from County Durham

        Hi Paula, your comments are always especially welcome. It is people like you, who read with insight and thoroughness who I think of when researching sometimes painful material. While by no means defending her, my sense is Myra grew up in a home with little adult supervision, and that she probably would not have become menacing had she not met Ian Brady. Given her limited options, he may well have been her main adult role model. With good wishes Colleen

      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 

        2 years ago from Oklahoma

        A very far story about this most heinous crime.

      • fpherj48 profile image


        2 years ago from UpstateWestern,New York

        Colleen....This is one, complex & confusing female killer, her mind seemingly twisted in conflict with her basic, moral instincts! This letter, penned by her, tells of a mysterious dual personality, the likes of which, no one, even she cannot explain nor understand.

        These facts make her actions all the more frightening & evil.

        I do recall reading an article about her and the history of her step into hell. Perhaps it was a documentary, as I think back.

        Individuals like Myra cause proof there should be no question as to why so many are obsessively fascinated with the mind of apparent psychopaths. My own involvement with Behavior Science, reconfirms that many more questions continue to surface than there can ever be answers.

        Very creative, the way you wrote this, by allowing Myra to tell her own version of her crazy tale!

        Always enjoy your work, Colleen. This is no exception. Peace, Paula

      • Colleen Swan profile imageAUTHOR

        Colleen Swan 

        2 years ago from County Durham

        Hi John, thank you for your comments. I always find it fascinating to try to get into the minds of others, especially when those others commit acts that are beyond most of our wildest imaginings. For the same reason I enjoy well researched historical fiction, which offers a view I may not have considered.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        2 years ago from Queensland Australia

        This was a very interesting article/story, Colleen. I had seen a program on TV recently about Hindley and Brady but you offered a slightly different perspective from Hindley's point of view. Good job.

      • Colleen Swan profile imageAUTHOR

        Colleen Swan 

        2 years ago from County Durham

        Hi Tom, Interesting insight about Brady's misconception of power. I agree these pariahs do not deserve undue attention, but parents are well advised to keep close watch over their children, and this story might reinforce that.

      • Thomas Swan profile image

        Thomas Swan 

        2 years ago from New Zealand

        Thanks for this intriguing story that highlights the sheer senselessness of those murders. Brady mentions murder being the ultimate power, and yet the killing of children is no display of power. A display of cowardice, more like, as he picked on those who couldn't fight back. I don't think we should give these people too much attention outside academic circles though. There are plenty of narcissistic psychopaths out there looking for notoriety.


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