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Shimmering Wings

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

Shimmering Light

It was 7:00 am when a shimmering rainbow of light streamed through the bedroom window. The sudden change of lighting startled the woman awake a half an hour before her alarm was supposed to go off. With sleepy eyes she scanned the room, noticing how everything had a tint of changing colors. It would change from purple to blue to green and back again as if someone was holding colorful tissue paper in front of the window.

After a groan of confusion, the woman got up and approached the window. As she moved, her black cat pushed the half-closed door open with his head and also approached the window while meowing loudly.

Outside the window the field the woman tended to each morning can be seen. There are berry bushes, plentiful trees, and over on the side were where the main crops grew. But even then, the rainbow light shone down on it all.

The woman strained to find where the light was coming from as she has never seen any rainbow strong enough to cause such an effect. The light also shimmered as if someone threw glitter into the air, and they all condensed in one area of the field.

With the cat close behind her, the woman tossed on her shoes and stumbled her way out of the door. The rainbow light seemed to follow her wherever she went. She followed the shimmering sky to where she saw everything condense.

At first, it seemed like nothing was there, just the light getting more bright and saturated. However, when the cat started meowing once more and clawing at the ground, the woman followed the cat’s paw to a butterfly sitting on top of a blade of grass.

From the butterfly the light shone, its wings decorated a glittery rainbow. The woman bent down to get as close to the butterfly as possible. She knew that this creature was otherworldly, but what was it doing here?

But before she could lower herself all the way down, the butterfly, with its fantastical wings, shot up into the air. Glitter followed it like a trail and it flew around both the woman and cat, who meowed in protest.

The world became pure light, all the colors blending into one another to create bright white light. With the previous confusion also came wonder and awe. When the light finally dimmed, the world was back to its normal hue and the butterfly was nowhere to be seen.

The woman looked all around for the butterfly only to have found something elsewhere the butterfly once sat. A seed as big as an avocado seed crushed the blade of grass it was on. This too shimmered with a glittery substance.

A complete mystery this was. The woman had no idea what kind of plant this would grow, but she felt as though she was supposed to plant it in the spot that it lay. It would be a very long time before she figured out what gift the butterfly has given to her, but she would wait.

© 2021 EL Doll

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