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Setting Goals in the Race of Life-Flash Fiction

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Nature inspires

Nature inspires

Did you achieve the different goals, which you had set in your life?

Raj parked his car, near the luxurious Madh Island Sea Beach of Mumbai. The Sun was still shining brightly. The Sunrays were reflecting upon the fabulous Seawaves, adding freshness and tranquillity, to the evening.

Raj wanted to watch and enjoy the Sunset, as he always did, but today it was different.

He was calm, with a sense of achievement, and what better way to celebrate a significant moment of your life, than be with Mother Nature!

He bought a packet of roasted peanuts, from the nearby peanut seller, removed his shoes, and started strolling slowly, at the beach.

The wet sand under his feet, relaxed him completely.

The Sea waves have amazing power, to calm down the human mind, with their roaring sound. This is the magnificence of the Sea, where you find the calmness, in spite of all the chaos around.

Life is all about dreams and desires

Life is all about dreams and desires


It was the eve of Raj's thirty-third birthday. Incidentally, he had got promotion in his job, with an impressive and considerable hike in his salary, on that special day.

So, how does it feel, when you achieve something, which you had wanted to.

Obviously, you feel good. But what next?

You set a new target, a new goal in life--Sounds familiar!

Raj took this moment to reflect and rewind, his Life's goals.

As far as he could remember, his school years, when the pressure was, to perform well, to get good grades. As such, he studied hard and maintained a balance between his studies, play, and other extracurricular activities.

He did it all convincingly well, according to his parents and teachers.

Then, those board examinations, and competitive entrance test, to get admission, in a reputed and respectable educational institution.

How can he forget that!

But his hard work had paid off, and everyone around, was proud and satisfied, because of his brilliant educational career moves.

He got well placed in a reputed organization, due to his hard work. In due course of time, he became an important asset to the company, where he was working.

It was quite natural for his company, to oblige him with a decent salary, with which he could afford a car, and a house of his own, through loan, of course.

All this was impressive indeed. But then, what was it, that was troubling his mind?


“Growing up, I was the target. Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test, and there were a thousand ways to fail, a thousand ways to betray yourself, to not live up to someone else's standards of what was accepted, of what was normal.”

~~ Wentworth Miller

The Sun sets everyday to rise again

The Sun sets everyday to rise again

Dreams and Desires

We are all brought up like that --With a dream in our mind, and lot of desires in our heart.

Certain dreams and desires, become a part of our thinking. In fact, they become our very purpose of life.
It all seems like a Race. The life itself, becomes a race.

And then, there are the age limits—achieve this, by the age of this. Then there is the family pressure, peer pressure, the social pressure etc.

We all may go into depression, if one particular goal is not achieved, by the set standard age.

Raj is fortunate, that he could achieve, most of his dreams, and fulfill his desires.

But there are hundreds of examples, when people could not achieve, their cherished dreams and goals, in spite of their best possible efforts, and hard work.

By a certain age, you should be able to get a good job, a good salary, own a house, invest for your future, get settled in life with a suitable life partner, have kids and so on.

The goals and desires never seem to end.

Can we not accept life as it happens?

Perhaps not.

Why can’t we accept that life is a journey, and there can be roadblocks, or speed breakers?

Everyone cannot have the same path, and thus the time taken, to achieve our goals and dreams, may be different.

A new beginning, Instrumental music, source: YouTube

Everything does not happen, according to your plans

Raj had achieved almost all the goals of life, which he and his parents had set for him, but he could not find a life partner, till now.

Of course, no age limit for marriage is there. But normally people do get married, or at least find a life partner, by the age of 30. And this was troubling him.

Not that he did not have female friends, but they were just friends, and he could not think of tying the knot with them.

But does it matter, if you are unmarried by, say 30 years of age?

Raj did not think like that, but the pressure of the family, and the society, which in turn puts pressure on the parents, made him worried.

But should he start sulking, that at least one of his plans, could not be achieved?

Certainly not!

The New Beginnings, Source: YouTube


“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”

~~W. Clement Stone

Sunrise means new hope and new beginnings

Sunrise means new hope and new beginnings

Keep Moving on with your life—

Raj was preoccupied, with these thoughts in his mind, while walking along the Sea beach.

Just then, his thoughts were interrupted, by the sounds of laughter--the laughter of small kids, playing with the sand, and making their small sand homes.

How beautiful!

He was mesmerized, by the innocent and carefree laughter, of those little angels.

The Children are perhaps, the agents of God. They are capable of making you smile almost instantly, howsoever stressed, you may be.

And during that moment, he also started smiling and joined the fun along with the children.

This is life---! He said to himself.

Do your best, and leave the rest!

If a certain goal, remains to be achieved in the planned time, the World will not come to an end.

By this time, the Sun was also setting, presenting a spectacular view from the beach.

The Sun will rise again tomorrow, with new beginnings, new desires, new dreams and new enthusiasm.

Raj smiled, feeling completely relaxed, as he started to walk back to his car.

Chitrangada Sharan

How to reach our goals, Source: YouTube

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