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Setbacks Happen in Life

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Trying Times

Anyone have a bucket ?

I have the water

The snow is all gone

Why didn't I think

Snow turns to water

Melting and thawing

Looks great on the outside

What is happening underneath the ground is a different story

Water in our basement

A couple of inches here and there

Now I have to pull things out

Let my cellar dry out

Things happen

Not the end of the world

Nobody hurt

Nobody dying

Like my wife says we will get through this

We had plans with friends


We had plans with other friends the next day

My wife is going

I send my love

First things first

I had to rent a storage bin

Rent a u haul truck to bring it there

I am thinking three or four days to dry out

Then we can move everything back

Inconvience yes

An expense we didn't plan on


We like the things we have

We had water in the past

Things things were up high anyway

Tiime consumming and physically exhausting

A sad story to tell

Maybe a funnier story later

Going back to moving box by box

Yesterday it rained

It made things worse

The dry stuff became wet

Bad timing

Today is a windy and dry day

Off to a good start

For all you people out there

Wishing you a dry future

So that you never have to deal with water problems

Most of all a fun day

Hopefully you are doing what you love

Because I can't wait to get back to writing about water

It is so different than dealing with water

This moment in time

Gives me a reflection of life

Not always pretty and nice

I honestly believe

Still amazing

Just another lesson that I have to learn

I learn it by exercising

A lot of bending and reaching

I was getting a little belly

I have been meaning to exercise

I have a lot of excuses ot I just forgot

Now I get to work the pounds off

Little by little

Today is just a jump start

Thank you God

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