Sentimental Secrets


I revised this poem because I was not fond of some things contained within the original piece. The original poem was written nearly ten years ago as an example of a poem which demonstrated the use of the Alliteration literary device. I felt it deserved to be revisited and should reflect some growth.


So I see your sentimental secrets
Have sewn together
The spaces between your teeth
And as you taste the temptations
To tether the truth
You trip into the tormenting
Tearing of the threads

The thoughts they push
Pleading to be poured
And you are petrified
Of the person to which those
Sentiments will secure themselves

For tongue to tongue like
And unpredictable plague
The truth may be lost
Twisted and tossed
And so you sew the secrets again
Strung lip to lip hoping it will stick
trying everything to keep your soul in

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 8 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

I think we all have those "sentimental secrets." Nicely expressed, Valerie.

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