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See Life That Has Happened

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Take Notice

So much will and can take place

Our brains can't always appreciate

Some days might seem boring and dull

Other times there is no break in the action

We can easily get in a rut

Traveling down so many paths

If we were in a car traveling at a high rate of speed

What would we see ?

Dangerous and living on the edge

Feeling each exhilarating moment

Not even noticing when it has left

How would it be different ?

If we were traveling twenty or thirty miles an hour

How would other people react

Quickly voicing their opinions

Blasting us for our actions

Each time we lead somewhere

It is up to us to realize and follow through with the appropriate action

I for one

Will be the first to tell you

I am in a state of awe

Mesmerized and pleasantly teased

Too often I get caught up

I shut the door

When I should be opening it wider

The breeze is not too cold

It is refreshing and it awakens my senses

Once again I make choices that serve my pupose

Some only short lived and meaningful only for that moment

I look at the hours I dedicate to my work

Close as I can to forty hours every week

Some would say it is my job

I would say it is far more than that

It is a way of life

I not only do a job

I have fulfilled many needs

I wasn't aware of until recently

Selling myself short

Finding my own faults bigger than my astonishing accomplishments

On every level

Not easily noticed in a ego driven society

I have found an inner prosperity

That keeps multiplying and dividing

At a spectacular rate

Not to boast or toot my own horn

I am self motivated and prosperity driven

Allowing so many feelings to inspire and fluctuate at any moment

Changing my thoughts in this very instant

Always circling around my head

Affecting my whole being

Where and what I do next

What I do not see

I hear

What I do not hear I feel

Lastly and I am almost ashamed to say

Then I often smell and taste

Recently I have been trying to mix up my senses

Giving them a vigorous shake

I am a creature of habit

These habits become easy to form and shape

Dulling all my senses in an alarming rate

Breaking away from old traditions

Where is this world I escape to

My inner self that wants to be alive and well

I build my own walls and barriers

This gives me the feeling of false security and safety

I have to put down my judgement

Hold on to the real truth

It is so easy to forget we why we are here

Not to put someone down or pick apart their mistakes

Because we have many

Look away

Look instead deep inside ourselves

Where everything we have ever done

Waits to be appreciated and admired

Not by others like so many people want us to believe

Loved by ourselves

Secretly giving us more gratification

Leading to a never ending circle

From inspiration to motivation to live for each experience

Then relive it in many ways as I only can human possibly do

Writing and rewriting my life

Telling my story

A thousand different ways

In a thousand different days