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Seduction With Music.

Hertha is a student at Unam. In her free time she spends time reading and writing about social issues. She always has something to say.


I go to his campus at 11AM wearing my white lace dress, black sandals and my hair is tied into the perfect ponytail. My lips have a glossy peach look and I smell as sweet as apples and vanilla.

I sent him a text saying, "I am here", and slowly start walking towards his dorm. In less then five minutes I see my person. A black young man that is sooooo handsome my ovaries start to vibrate. He has perfectly molded shoulders with thick eyebrows and the most beautiful smile.

Being well aware of his mouth watering looks he walks carefree and one can tell his a bit of a show off. I don't know but that's attractive. In addition, just after he sees me he looks down a little with a light smile while shaking his head. Dressed in black sweat pants and a black tank top I can't help but stare at his arms and neck. Yummy. In fact, I started to heat up just a little bit as I bite my lips.

"Hey you", I say with a smile trying so hard not to put my focus onto his light pink lips. We hug intimately and lock hands after as we walk towards his room.

After minutes of laughing and eating we start dancing a little bit of Kizomba.Daniel Santaceuze's Kizomba hit, Lento, our vibe.

"I don't want to be separated from you

Not even for a moment,

I don't want to lose the time.

You know that I love you to death

That I am not given to passion

And that I like to go slowly." ~ lyrics from the song

He put his hand right below my waist while this other hand is locked with mine. We are so close to one another I start wanting him so badly and I could feel he wanted me too.

Soo he twirls me around..

" The music takes hold of me,

I lose myself in your body,

You burn me with your fire.

I want to live in your grasp,

To breathe in your breath,

To have you kiss me slowly." ~ lyrics from the song

We lock eyes with him and ten seconds later I move my eyes away from his eyes to his lips that wasn't inches away from mine. Electricity is what we felt like but rather than shock it was an explosion of thousands of emotions. Furthermore, I have never felt something more intimate before. His lips were as soft as bread toasted with butter then spread with Ilovo caramel syrup. I thought to myself how someone could taste so damn good.

Moreover, just when I thought it was over I felt a soft trail of kisses along my neck towards my shoulders. Then just like that I was picked up from my feet in bridal style by a guy I just met in the library and have been having a crush on since then.

He sat me on his bed and placed me on his laps faci g him with his legs between mine. All I could hear was this lyrics from the song;

and the soft moans escaping both our mouths. He slowly began to unzip my dress and even before realizing it I was doing the same thing to him. Soon we both have bare chests.


Ah! ! Take me slowly, no need to rush,
Leaving a path of kisses down my shirt
That lead me to heaven.
Ah! Stick to me wickedly, fearlessly,
Fill my heart with your smile
To the rhythm of your body." ~ lyrics from the song.

To be continued....

© 2021 Hertha David