Section 377: Lesbian, Straight, Bisexual, or Gay, Indian Democracy Dies Another Day.

Updated on August 26, 2017
Lesbian, straight, or gay. Indian democracy dies another day.
Lesbian, straight, or gay. Indian democracy dies another day. | Source

Ever heard of “Section 377”?

Courtesy the Indian Penal Code

Democracy, a laughable load

A load of rigid rights

A ban on skirts, curfews for men in "tights"

“Let’s ban them all”

Misogyny stands tall

A little request, for all citizens to be considered equal

Section 377, the consequential sorry sequel

A Supreme Court verdict, to name, and to shame

In a nation hypocritical, when treating all as “One and the same”

Birth destines life. Life determines nature.

Secularism is compromised, by vile laws of the basest nature

A constitution looks like a “comedy of errors”

Far flung political groups unleash merciless terrors

Insecure egos, hungry to play judge and jury

Banal judgments they pass, to placate some “misplaced” sense of fury

Civil liberties lunged at, by lawmakers in vain

Murderous mobs pervert purity of life, with absolute disdain

No demarcation exists, amidst both “sane" or "insane”

Minorities still bleed, forever left bludgeoned in pain

Is it not a shame?

Is life a game?

To have some “news debate” simply carried forth in vain

Discuss as we fuss, “Who gets to be free?”

Welcome to India, apathetic fools entertain for a costly fee

Be it “homosexual” or “heterosexual”, why pick a name?

Both stand free; ask a mother, who bled for her infant, for nine months in pain

To raise her child, it took a lot, in face of you lawmakers throwing might

Who gave you the foresight? To determine "what is right”?

We found nothing wrong with dowry, yet equality we wish to destroy?

Fools make invalid rules, "life" a toy in this political ploy

Sexual orientation is not a disease; it is a right to be "who you are"

It is perfect human nature, since we correlated each "minute" to an "hour"

Why make “mere” pledges? What constitutional oath?

Silly ministers mocking rape, religious zealots bully and loathe

Be it lesbian, straight, or gay, you “chosen few” have no say

It is a God given right, come what may

Two sets of legs, two arms in tow, no classifications exist, above or below

Gay, straight, lesbian, or transsexual, all the same, be it friend or foe

Stand resolute, march forward, to be always treated as “one & the same”

Ignore all attempts hungry for their ” fifteen minutes of fame”

“Hate” filled speeches they might as well throw, or keep

Their values for sale, their prejudice runs deep

Let us not pay heed to those, who leave their lashes on ”Mother Earth”.

This planet welcomes you all, with equal arms, be it, bounty, beauty, crisis or dearth

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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