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Secret Agent at Work

Updated on September 03, 2016

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Secret Agent Smith, also known as Spider throughout the Service, glanced at his watch. The time read 11:45 a.m. Though the watch appeared quite normal, Agent Smith knew its inner workings hid a small arsenal of high-tech features designed to assist him in any life-threatening situation.

The tiny button on the left, when depressed half way, sent a distress signal via satellite to headquarters indicating an immediate need of backup. If depressed all the way, the backup would include a helicopter gunship. By pushing the top button on the right, he could release a lethal pinpoint stream of poisonous gas at an attacking counterspy. The remaining buttons offered equally comforting and deadly means of defense.

The rendezvous with Secret Agent Johnson — Teddy Bear — should have taken place five minutes ago. What could have delayed the agent?

Spider looked up from the watch to peer through the lattice work that concealed his presence where he lay prone beneath the porch of the isolated farm house. A frown creased his youthful, unmarked face. The rendezvous with Secret Agent Johnson — Teddy Bear — should have taken place five minutes ago. What could have delayed the agent?

Spider sighed. Actually, he harbored reservations about Teddy Bear's fitness as a spy. The agent seemed altogether too young and inexperienced to entrust with serious espionage work. Apparently, however, the Service thought Teddy Bear would catch on rapidly through field assignments and gain the needed expertise under the skillful guidance of superior supervision. But why did he, Agent Smith, have to shoulder that burden?

A movement beyond distant outbuildings caught his eye. Had Agent Johnson finally appeared? Yes, Spider could see his slender form dart past a large rose bush. He shook his head. The agent scarcely bothered to use the convenient bush for concealment, but scurried across the open ground.

High Noon
High Noon

Another movement drew Spider's attention. A tall woman he recognized advanced on Teddy Bear, confronting him near one of the small structures. Spider witnessed an intense conversation that culminated with the agent moving smartly off stage, the tall woman close behind.

Spider sighed again. Another agent lost to a woman's ...

A voice shattered his revery. "Jimmy! Jimmy Smith, you get into this house right now and wash up for lunch!"

Spider checked his watch. It read 12:00, high noon. Rendezvous or not, he had to go.

Women! Agent Smith thought. Especially mothers!


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    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 4 months ago from Hereford, AZ

      Cute story.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 4 months ago from Shelton

      this was indeed pretty good.. I enjoyed the read Frank..:)

    • johnmariow 3 months ago

      Very good story. I loved the ending!

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