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A piece of broken glass laid dormant on the peaceful seashore. It was surrounded by natural beauty and waves that were full of motion and life. Nevertheless, it could not help but wonder where it all went wrong. The glass was soft to the touch in the middle, but had sharp, jagged edges that came about under circumstances that were out of its control.

What now? It thought. Am I just to lye on this beach broken and shattered feeling sorry for myself? How am I to move forward and find new purpose? In that very moment, it was vigorously swept away by the tide and into the sea. For reasons it did not understand, it was not frightened by what was happening to it. It felt as if it could finally relinquish any sense of control it once had and somehow trust a power greater than itself.

The mighty current pulled the glass out deep into the ocean. It was taken far away from the place it once held responsible for its downfall and set free of it's doubts and uncertainties. For years the glass danced around the sea, gliding with ease and being transformed into something new. It tumbled and grounded and smoothened and rounded until it's once jagged edges were nothing but a memory.

The ocean had then decided that the glass was ready to return to land and find a new home. Shortly after, it washed up on a beautiful beach full of interesting people who were eager to find one of nature's treasures. A young boy picked up the newly formed piece of sea glass and brought it over to his mom. "Mommy, mommy!" he shouted. "Look at what I found in the sand!" She then replied "Oh my, what a beautiful piece of sea glass you've found my love!"

The boy grew curious and asked his mom what seaglass was and where it had come from. And so she replied to her son, "This piece of glass has been on quite the journey. It started of as something whole with a predetermined purpose. And then for one reason or another, everything it knew ceased to be true and it found itself searching for new purpose. It made it's way to the ocean where time and turbulence came together to make what you see here, a beautiful sea gem who was given a second chance."

© 2022 Nicholas Mercogliano

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