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Science Fiction - Sanha

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

Someone is knocking on the door. It's midnight. Who came so late at night? I opened the door and saw Charles standing. Seeing Peru, he put his finger on his lips and said to be silent. He entered the room very carefully and said, "It's ruined."

"What happened?"

"Sit down,Peru."


"Why are you here so late at night?" said Piru.

"I ran away."

Charles lives near the border of the South.

Peru asks in a frightened voice, "Is there a border war again?"

Charles said, "Black fairies have attacked the border. Not only me but other border residents have fled in fear. Many of the white-fairies have been injured and many more have been trapped. Black fairies can enter our south at any time."

Listening to Charles, Peru's heart rate increased If the Black Fairies could enter the South, they would kill or imprison the White Queen Fairy,Hana, along with all the people in the South. If Queen Hana gets killed by the black fairy, the animosity of the Black Fairies will continue on this planet.

Peru said to Charles," You could have fought back.

"Peru, are you crazy? I'm just a normal person. What can I do as a normal person while white fairies can't deal with black fairies? Besides, I'm terrified."

Peru stood up and said, "Then I'll go."

Charles interrupts Peru and says, "No Peru, you have gone crazy,right?"

"I'm fine."

"I don't understand why you always want to pick up fights with black fairy. They are way more stronger than white fairy. We're ordinary people. We can't join in the fairy wars. Black fairies are more terrible."

"Will Black take over our South ?"

"Let's see what the White Queen Fairy Hana does. She's always saved our southern part from the Black Fairies."

To the north, the first sun of the planet Faman rises. Shortly afterwards, another sun rose in the south, and at night there was a fierce battle between the fairies and the black fairies. Even though the Black Fairies are defeated in the end, fear still lingers in everyone's minds. This planet is inhabited by humans as well as fairies.



Once upon a time, everyone was a resident of the earth. There is a lot of damage done to the earth by human beings. The earth becomes uninhabitable. Meanwhile, the advancement of technology has reached its peak. Most people move from Earth to different planets and live there permanently. People started living on the planet Faman a few centuries ago. They have just started civilization. Then suddenly one day a group of fairies came in a spacecraft. These fairies were human. They go to different planets from the earth and make many changes in themselves.They use technology to bring wings into the body as imaginary fairies. They also have two teeth as sharp as vampires. The eyes of all the fairies are blue. They are all extra white and beautiful. They can carry heavier things than humans. Their speed is very fast. They are very intelligent. That's why when they come in contact with ordinary people on the planet Faman, people become completely unnecessary. Fairies can do everything better than human beings, so day by day people become invaluable and insignificant in front of them. The burden of governance is handed over to fairies. They divide the planets among themselves. The northern part is in the hands of the black-winged fairies and the southern part is in the hands of the white-winged fairies. For a while, everything was fine. But people became so unnecessary that black fairies became hostile to people. Extreme misery falls on people living in the north. The Queen of the Black Fairies orders to kill all people who live in the North. One person after another is killed. In order to save lives, people were forced to flee from the planet Faman in a spacecraft. White fairies are very angry at the cruel and violent behavior of black fairies. The Queen of the White Fairy and the Black Fairy had a sister-sister relationship. After this brutal murder, a quarrel broke out between the two sisters. For almost eighteen years, the Black Fairies fought one after the other against the White Fairies. But both teams are intelligent and equally strong so no one can beat anyone.

Black Queen sighs as she enters her room at the royal palace, saying, "The time is coming. She will be eighteen years old in a few days. I hope she is alive."

Black Queen Fairy Hans is talking about her daughter who lives in the South. But nobody knows where she lives. She was hidden from the first day of birth. The reason for hiding is that her husband was a human. If it is known outside, she may not remain in the position of queen. Taking the picture of the loving husband in her hand, Black Queen looks deeply at it and says, "She is the symbol of our love. She will be eighteen in a few days. She will be a different entity in the combination of human and fairy. She will be strong and intelligent. She will be the future queen of black fairies." After she takes over the throne, I'll kill all the people. Humans are useless. Just a burden on the plane. There are no unnecessary entities like them. But the only fear is that my sister Hana won't hold the symbol of our love, will she?

A drop of water fell from the queen's eyes. Putting the picture under the pillow, she said, "All the faults are human's. I will kill the sewer worms and throw them in the sewers. I will take revenge for breaking up my family."

Meanwhile, in the south, White Queen summons her most trusted spy to her room. The detective says, "Queen, I've started looking for her."

"How many more days?"

"Queen, she doesn't seem to be alive."

The queen slapped the spy on the cheek and said, "I want her."

"But I can't find any black-winged fairy in the South."

"Isn't she still eighteen years old?"

"Can't remember the date of birth?"

"Hmm. I'm sure she'll be eighteen in a few days. Keep looking."


"Say something?"

"Is she so important?"

The queen sighed and said, "Yes. She is a mixture of human and fairy. The gene she inherited from the fairy will be fully functional in her body at the age of eighteen. She will no longer be a normal human being."

The spy wondered, "Will she be stronger than the fairies?"


The spy panicked and stepped back a few feet. His body trembled and he said in a frightened voice, "She is a black fairy. If she joins hands with the blacks, she will kill us."

"I keep telling you to find her out as soon as possible. If we get her first then I can manage to join her."

"Yes, I will try my best."

"You can go now."

When the spy left, White Queen Hanah whispered, "Sanha, Sweetie, I will not let you have any bad contact. You will be able to get your mother Hans on the right path. You will be able to stop this bloody war."

Hanah broke down in tears and said, "I can't stand this war anymore. Come back, Sanha, my sweetheart. Just come back and I will hand over the rule of this planet to you."



Peru drank some lemonade and said to Charles, "Whenever there is a war, flee to me. Better to build a house here."

"I don't want to leave the old house."

"Hmm, stay there and you'll have fun if the Black Fairies kill you."

Charles laughed and Peru said, "Well listen, I'm going to work."

"All right, Peru."

All the work, from medicine to science, is done by fairies. Even though people are insignificant, Queen Hanah allows them to do small things for a living. Peru also earns a living by doing small things. She goes to the forest every day to pick fruits and sell them. Her life is very simple. She has no one but Charles. Charles is her childhood friend. They lived near the border. She has been living in the capital ever since her parents were killed by the Black Angels But her relationship with Charles lasted. She looked up at the sky and said, "Parents, I miss you so much."

Peru finds many different varieties of fruit. Suddenly her body becomes ill. She can't walk. She enters the cave next to the fountain to rest. She doesn't even know when she falls asleep. When she wakes up, it is dark all around. Only the moonlight illuminates all around. Peru's body became much sicker than before. It's as if she's going to die. She is getting severe pain in her back. She is also getting a lot of pain in her jaw ..Body temperature has risen to higher. Piru rolls on the ground and shouts, "Oh my back ... my back is tearing."

The birds flew away when they heard Piru's howl. Peru seemed to be trying to get something out of her back. She feels something coming out of the flesh and skin of her back. She is rolling on the ground in great pain. There is a stream of blood flowing on her back. The thing on her back is getting bigger. Peru bends her head and sees four black bones coming out like horns. Peru sees blood coming out of her mouth. She looked at the ground and saw that two of her teeth had fallen out. Two more teeth were growing in place of those two. At this she cried out in pain. So much blood came out of her mouth that blood flowed to her chest. She lost consciousness once in pain. Meanwhile, Charles has cooked good food for Peru. Charles knows that today is Peru's 18th birthday. But even after getting dark and mid-night she is not coming back from work. This made Charles very worried. After a while the night gets deeper. When Peru regained consciousness, she felt much better. She remembered what had happened. She looked at her back in amazement and saw that the black bones had become very large and between them there was a black skin like a black fairy. She examined her teeth with her tongue and gritted her teeth like a fairy. She got scared. She always hated black fairies. Some memories of the past floated in front of her eyes. She and her parents lived near the border. They loved her very much. Their small family was the happiest family in the whole area. If there was a war on the border, they would flee, and when the war was over, they would return to their homeland. One night she was fast asleep in her mother's lap. Suddenly she woke up and saw fire all around. Her mother was crying with her in her arms. Mother was closing the door and looking out of the window. The black fairies also set fire to the area, killing anyone they could find. She saw black fairies cut her father's throat. Father's dead body is lying there. Body in one place and head in another. There is only blood flowing around. Mother did not let her see this brutality anymore. She wanted to run away through the back door, wrapping her in a cloth. But the black fairies saw her mother. Mother saw a lot of wooden boxes, these were going to the capital. Peru was five years old then, but her body shape was small. Her mother quickly put her inside a wooden box and said, "Take care of yourself, sweetheart." Then she kissed Peru on the forehead and closed the box lid with tears in her eyes. She left the box with the other boxes. By then the Black Fairies had moved there. They cut Peru's mother's throat. Peru saw everything through the gap in the wooden box. Silently shed tears. Peru hears her mother's scream in death pain: Black fairies leave from there. Ever since then she has hated black fairies. Peru returns from the past. The unbearable pain.

Many questions are revolving in her mind.Why did she suddenly become a black fairy from a human? What is her real identity? If her parents are human, then why did she become a fairy? Is she hesitant about the mystery of her birth? Even more worrying is that a black fairy is killed whenever any black fairy gets caught in the south And now she is in the south If caught? Meanwhile, she also hates black fairies. If she goes from south to north to save her life, she will be forced to kill people and white fairies along with those evil black fairies. She can't accept either of them. She does not want to be caught in anything. How to hide her identity, the wings are so big. Peru unknowingly tries to push the wings inside. Although she knows that fairies can never put their wings inside their back. Suddenly she realized that surprisingly she could control the wings. Surprisingly, the wings are getting inside the back. The skin of the wings is folded. Besides, the teeth are also getting in, it has become normal. It is not clear that such large wings have penetrated the back. Meanwhile, the light of dawn has begun to shine. The whole body of Peru is bloody. She quickly left to go home. She pressed yesterday's fruit bag on the back, and she started walking fast.


The spy bows his head and says nervously, "I'm sorry, Queen, I can't find her."

Hanah said, "Don't you know how important she is? How can you not find her?"

"Queen, I'm sure she's alive and she's a black fairy, but maybe she can be human again if she wants to!"

Hanah asked in surprise, "How do you know?"

"You said not to leave any space and to look everywhere."


"A few days ago I went to look for her in a cave next to a forest fountain. And I saw that ..."

"Saw what?"

"It's horrible. The cave is covered in blood on the ground and on the rocks around it."

Hanah wonders, "What does this prove? Maybe someone killed someone else and disappeared."

"At first I thought so. But I also got two teeth. The old teeth fell out before the sharp ones came out."

Hanah is startled and says, "What!"

"I found only one human footprint on the soft ground next to the fountain. If someone had killed someone else, there would have been two or more footprints."

Hanah shook her head.

The spy added, "Everything indicates that she has turned into a fairy."

"Then why can't you find it?"

"That's what I'm thinking. The whole south, my companions and I go around a few times a day, but I can't find her."

Hanah says in a frightened voice, "But is she in the hands of the blacks?"

Hanah trembled with fear.

"No, there are strict guards at the border. Besides, I have assigned some of my own people to guard there."

"That means she's in the south, so why not find her?"

"Maybe if she can be human again."

"You mean, she can put both of her wings and sharp teeth back in and be like a human again, eh?" Said Hanah, trembling with fear.

The spy shook his head.

Hanah swallowed and said, "How is that possible? How can such a big wing with bones get inside her back? Such a horrible thing is unimaginable."

"She's really strong."

"Fear of her has grown. If she joins hands with her mother Hans, the whole planet will be destroyed."

"I understand. I'll put the man in secret and find her."

Hanah said angrily, "You just say it. Why don't you do it stupid?"



After the spy leaves, Hanah goes to sleep after eating dinner. Suddenly someone knocks on her window. Hanah knew who the newcomer was. She carefully opened the window and let the stranger in. The stranger came in and said, "You're still on that thousand floors."

Hanah said, "And you?"

"My building is so big that I don't even know how many floors I live in!"

Hanah laughed and said, "I don't think you came here to say that."

The stranger becomes silent

Hanah laughed and said, "You love your daughter so much that your heart did not tremble even when you came south, Black Queen Hans."

"I am a queen. Does anyone have the courage to harm me?"

"Don't forget that you are the Black Queen. There is hatred for you and your companions in the hearts of those who live in the South."

"And in your heart?"

Hanah whispered, "Tell me what to do. You're my sister. I can't hate you even if I want to."

"Well listen have you found her?"

"Finding Sanha will not be easy."

Hans said, "Why?"

Hanah told her everything. Hans calmed down a bit and said, "I'll be back next month. I hope to get her by then. I want to take her with me."

Hanah says to herself in her mind, "I'll never give you."

Hans says, "Sister, I'm going back. Take care of yourself."

Hans said and left.

Hanah spends sleepless nights. On the other hand, Charles is worried about Peru. She is not saying who or what made Peru bloody. Charles sighed and said, "Peru I'm too scared to leave you."

"Are you going to stop? You've been eating my head off for a few days now."

"You haven't said who tried to kill you yet," Charles said anxiously.

"I said a wild dog attacked me so I killed it. Blood was on my shirt."

"You can make a great story."

"No story."

"Then why didn't you come back that night? Honestly, do you have any enemies who trapped you and tried to kill you?"

Peru laughed and she said, "You leave early. It's been a few hours since the second sun has risen. Go to the border early. Do not count the work for a few days. The war is over. Go back quickly."

Charles hesitated, "I was saying that ..."

"Vehicle rent?"

Charles gets embarrassed and starts scratching his head.

Peru took some silver cards out of her shirt pocket and said, "Here, there are eight silver cards."

Embarrassed, Charles took eight silver cards and said, "How are you doing?"

"No problem. I saved some cards last month. With them, this month will somehow go away."

"Alas! How poor people are on this planet! If angels hadn't come, our life would have been different. We worked like bulls all day and only got one or two silver cards at the end of the day. Even though they are aliens, still they are in a state of royalty. Life is bitter. I do not want to live. "

Peru is silently listening. Charles added, "Well, tell me, what did I get in life? I've seen wars and battles since I was born. The fairies in the north kill people. But the fairies in the south also are not better than those black! They do all the great work and get higher cards. There are thousands of storey houses. On the other hand, what have we got? Neglect! We are not even considered as citizens. We are like trivial animals. We are compared to cows, goats, ducks and chickens. If we want to go to different planets. It would take a golden card.

It will take a lifetime to make a living. When the people of the north fled in a spaceship, in fact, if our parents had escaped then, we would not be in such misery today. The cost of the spaceship was also low then. Now It would take a lifetime to earn some cards to buy a spaceship . It really is not acceptable now . It must be changed. Human rights must be restored. "

Charles sighed and wiped away the tears. Even though he did not want to but again and again, tears were flowing. Peru is also crying silently. The chests of both of them have become heavy with pain. When Charles leaves, Piru steps towards the forest. In the middle, a woman called Peru and said, "Don't go to work today, Peru."


The woman came to Peru and said, "I don't understand.

"What's wrong?"

"It's a shame. If any girl goes there, the fairies check her back. She would be naked like this in front of everyone."

Peru's heart trembled. The woman added, "Besides, you are very beautiful. All the male fairies there, if they look at you, there is no escape."

When the woman warns Peru to leave, she becomes worried. The only meaning of looking at the backs of the girls is that Queen Hanah knows that there are human-fairies in the south and that the fairy is a girl who can be human again if she wants to. The wound did not dry well. The four parts of the back are slightly elevated. The bones have not penetrated into the flesh. Some parts have come out. Maybe she will be killed there. Fearing this, Peru fled the house with a few clothes including a silver card

After the first sunset that day, Peru went to Charles' house on the border. Charles was surprised to see her, Peru said that she had come to the border to surprise Charles. She also said that she had been planning to visit the border for some time. On hearing this, Charles said, "Come with me."

"Then I wouldn't be surprised like that."

Peru tried to escape but she put her friend Charles' life at stake. Charles had to fall into danger. Peru never thought that her escape was the biggest mistake. That spy was also among the white male fairies. All the girls who came to the forest have no scars on their backs. There are no wings. This means that the human-fairy have already become alert. The spies quickly start interrogating the people around. At one point they reach the woman who warned Peru. They broke the lock and entered the house without finding anything important. They returned to the spy.

The spy frowned and said, "Peru? Isn't her name Sanha?"


"How do you know that girl would be Sanha?"

When the fairies told him all about Peru, the spy smiled and said, "Go to the vehicle center and make a list of all the vehicles that have gone from here to other today. I want to find her by the morning."

In the morning, the spy's chest swelled and went to the Queen Hanah room. Queen Hanah stared at the porch in fascination. There are many beautiful birds today. She doesn't look at the spy and asks him, "Looks like there's any news?"

The detective laughed and said, "I've found Sanha."

Hanah asks in shock, "Really!"

"She's at a friend's house on the border."

"Quickly get here."

"Yes, but a problem."


"If she understands, she will run away."

"Then go at night , secretly."


The spy turns his head again before leaving and asks, "What shall I tell Queen Hans?"


"She is Sanha's mother. She has been waiting for so long."

"Let her wait for more."


The spy goes away. Hanah looked at the veranda and saw that the most beautiful bird was gone. How beautiful! The bird that Hanah thought was beautiful but it was Hans's favorite bird. It's a robot bird. It is made with sophisticated equipment. Anyone who sees it will be deceived into thinking it is a real bird . Hans suspected her sister . She thought that Hanah would not hand Sanha over to her. Hanah is not so stupid. So Hans sends her robot bird to monitor Hanah. Hans is angry. While Hanah is very happy to get the news of Sanha again If Sanha is found, white fairies and people will be wiped out from the whole planet. Hans has decided to keep Hanah in prison for life without killing her. Hans asks a group of black fairies to pick Sanha up at night,even giving them Sanhar's address.

Peru's cooking skills are very efficient. Charles loves her cooking. Today again, Peru and Charles bring together a variety of vegetables from the jungle, a wild rooster and fish from a fountain. Peru has cooked them wonderfully. After eating at night, Charles decoupled and said, "Very delicious food. How many days later I ate such good food!"

"The food you ate at my house was also my cooked food," Peru laughed.

"The rooster! I haven't eaten a rooster for a long time! So delicious!"

Peru sat motionless and said, "Then let's catch a rooster tomorrow."

Charles sighed and said, "It's hard work. First find a rooster in such a big forest, then run after it, then grab it, slaughter it, clean it and then cook it. And how much trouble it is to cook."

"You want to eat a rooster, you don't want to bother again," said Peru with a laugh.

Charles smiles too. Peru puts her hand on her neck and says, "I need to go to bed early today."

Charles blinked and said, "Yeah, I'm getting a lot of sleep today. I've been working all day."

Peru gets up from her chair and says, "Let's go now."

The two went to their respective rooms and lay down. Then it was about two o'clock at night. Peru suddenly woke up. She heard something breaking from the next room. Peru wondered why the sound of something breaking came from Charles' room so late at night. Anxious, she hurried to Charles's room, but stood in front of the door. Peru heard someone's voice . one of them says, "This is a boy."


"Then go to another room and catch the girl."

Peru realizes that the angels have come to catch her. She got very scared. Peru doesn't know how strong she is, if she knew, she wouldn't be afraid . As Peru stretches out to escape, she hears Charles shouting, "What are you going to do with that girl?"

"You don't need to know that."

"If anything happens to that girl, I'll kill you!"

The angels were all strong men. Charles is nothing in front of them. If they want, they can kill Charles by grabbing him. But the words of Charles's protest also touched Peru's heart. The fairies laugh and say, "Do you know who you are talking to?"

Charles's head gets hot. He shouted, "You're black dogs! You suck people's blood. You cause trouble. You're worse than a sewer worm."

The fairies were black fairies. Peru's body trembles at the thought of how horrible they are, and Charles is arguing over their faces. In a fit of rage, he called for his death. They got angry at Charles.Peru's body, trembling with fear. She thought she should go into the room to save Charles, but she couldn't. She is afraid. Those strong male fairies grab both hands of Charles and pull them in such a way that the hands are separated from the body. Charles screamed in agony. Another pulled out a sophisticated sword. There is a button on this sword so that the sword gets hot when pressed. Peru dared to enter the room as the fairy drew his sword and put it around Charles' neck. She gets angry and orders like a queen, "Don't cut his throat."

"That's all, the prey got caught," said one with a crooked smile.

The one with the sword in his hand danced his eyebrows and said, "All right."

With that he put the sword in Charles' stomach and turned it a few times to get it out "I didn't cut his throat," the black fairy laughed.

Charles' body fell to the floor. He was screaming . Seeing this condition of Charles, Peru became a stone at once. She felt as if someone had torn her world apart in front of her eyes. She was in so much pain, her heart became heavier. She never had so much pain before. Charles was the only one that meant the world to her. Now he is leaving her too. Peru can't accept that. She wants to cry but can't. She wants to give justice to someone But there is no one on this planet who will hear her judgment. She stands like a stone statue and looks at Charles. Tears are constantly flowing from her eyes . Black fairies are laughing and falling on each other's bodies. They don't know how big a mistake they made by killing Charles. Peru noticed that Charles was not dead yet. He is trying to say something. Peru quickly knelt down and said, "Do you want to tell me something, Charles?"

Charles blinked and said," Yes." Peru keeps getting her ears near Charles's mouth. Charles whispered, "I love you Peru. I love you so much. I wanted to say it . I have been trying to say but so many years have gone by yet I couldn't say much more."

Peru's answer was no longer heard by Charles. He gave up his last breath. Charles's eyes filled with tears. His tears are falling inside his ears. Peru cried. She pressed Charles' head in her chest and repeatedly shouted, "I love you too! I love you too!"

The whole floor was covered in blood. Seeing the condition of Peru and Charles, the fairies laughed and shed tears. They thought they were watching a funny drama. One of them smiled and wiped away the tears, saying, "Take this girl away."

When another fairy wants to grab Peru's arm, he can't lift Peru in any way. He is surprised. Even if the fairies have so much power, they would be surprised if they could not pull a human's daughter from sitting. He tries to make Peru stand again but can't. Meanwhile, Peru is holding Charles and crying. Another angel said, "What happened! Get up quickly."

The first fairy is a little surprised and says, "I can't lift it."

The second angel ignored him and said, "You can't lift this baby goat!"

On hearing this, Peru stopped crying, put Charles' head on the floor and stood up, threatening like a queen, "I am amazed at your courage."

The first fairy laughs and says, "What are you talking about?"

The second angel says, "A few slaps will fix it."

The second angel slapped Peru, but Peru slapped him back. The slap was too strong. One of the fairy's sharp teeth breaks

The male Black Fairy was dumbfounded. Peru grabs the second Black Fairy's throat. Peru feels warm inside her body.

This is because she is a fairy girl. For the genes obtained from the fairy, Peru is stronger than a fairy. Peru holds the second angel by the throat. Due to the intense pressure, blood gushed out of his mouth at that moment. Tears welled up in Peru's eyes as she mourned the loss of Charles. She bit her lip with her teeth. For this, blood came out by biting her lip.

Meanwhile, the first black fairy got scared. He looked at Peru in amazement and said, "Who are you?"

Peru took the sword from the second angel's hand and put it in his stomach. The sword went out of the back. Pulling it out again, she said in a serious voice, "How does it taste? Delicious! Isn't it?"

The dead body of her parents floated in front of Peru's eyes. Peru screamed in grief and cut the throat of the second fairy. The first fairy fell to her knees in fear. Sweat was dripping from the forehead "Leave me alone. Please. Leave me alone."

Peru says with a crooked smile, "I want you to taste what you gave to my father, to my mother and .... and .."

Peru's voice became heavy. "And you gave it to my love," she says.

Saying this, Peru cut the fairy's throat. But the head was still attached to the body. So she tore his head off his body with one hand. Everything seemed unbelievable to Peru Charles' body in front of her. She has killed fairies, what's more they are black fairies. Peru's body was shaking. Peru is trying to hear something by paying attention. Yes, she can hear. She can hear the sound of fluttering wings. But what more fairies are coming! Peru looked around and looked out the window. Before she left, she returned to Charles. She kissed Charles on the forehead and whispered, "I'll take revenge, Charles." The sound of fluttering wings has come very close. Peru tries to get the wings hidden from the back. Since she can control, she easily got it out. She comes out of the window and hides behind a dense tree. After a while she saw the white fairies in the house. The white fairies were shocked to see the corpse and blood. Especially seeing the corpse of the black fairy! It is not possible for any human being to kill angels. But here they are looking at the bodies of two black fairies! It's like imagination! That spy was also here. He swallowed in surprise and said to himself, "Sanha is really very strong!"

Another wipes the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief and says, "What am I dreaming about! How is this possible!"

Another says, "The girl has run away. What do I do now?"

Detective Pearl says, "That's the way to find her. Otherwise, the White Queen will kill us. You go, go and find her wherever you can."

Peru saw the way they spoke and realized that this time they would come looking for her. So she fled. There are many ways to go . Who is whe? What is her identity? Why did she suddenly become a black fairy? Why are the fairies looking for her? And why is she so strong? She whispered, "All northern Black Queen Hans has. I will go, confront her and avenge her brutal murder."

Peru doesn't know who she decided to kill. Hans is her biological mother. Peru wants to escape from the border in the dark of night but there are many strict guards. So she went to a distant forest and entered a cave and closed the mouth of the cave with stones. In the dark she sat inside the cave. Her heart is bursting with anger and sorrow. She says to herself, "Why is this happening? My parents have been brutally killed. My love Charles has been killed too.Who will I dream of living with? I will take the heart out of Hans' chest. I will grab her hair and throw her off the throne. I will humiliate her in front of everyone and kill her. Otherwise the lava of fire in my veins will never cool down. But one thing I do not understand ,I can't. The mystery has deepened. I will hear all the mysteries from Hans's mouth now. Hans is waiting for her death. Waiting to taste the cruel death. I will tear your chest and take out your heart, Hans. "


Peru keeps on rubbing her teeth. The only problem is how to cross the border? No one will recognize her if she crosses the border and takes her black wings out of her back. Since white fairies are also looking for her, it will be difficult to cross the border. Suddenly Peru hears the fluttering of wings. Maybe the angels have come looking for her somewhere nearby. Peru's heart trembled. There is no way she can be caught. But white fairies are also intelligent. What can be hidden from them? Pearl in particular, that spy looks at the cave. Because he knows that if you want to hide, you have to hide in such a place. It can be easily caught hiding in a common place . When she is restless at the thought of being caught, the fairies enter by removing the stone from the mouth of the cave. Peru is startled. She is ready for bleeding. Surprised, Pearl smiled and said, "Nice to meet you."

Peru was stunned. Why would the white fairies be happy to find her? "We are sorry that the blacks came to you before us and killed your friend. We are really sorry. We will bury your friend with honor. But there are conditions," Pearl added.

Peru asks in surprise, "What conditions?"

"You need to meet Queen Hanah."

Peru takes a few steps back and says, "What if I don't?"

Pearl is a little upset, so she is afraid of Peru. To stop Peru, he says, "You don't want to know the secret of your birth?"

Peru frowned

"Queen Hanah knows everything," said Pearl.

Peru thought quietly for a moment, "Okay ... okay. Let's go to Queen Hanah."

Pearl and his companions look at Peru in amazement. They look at each other in amazement. Because Peru is flapping its wings in front of them. The scene is scary. So they start to get scared of Peru. They all swallow and look at Pearl. Pearl tells them to stay calm. This is a scary thing for fairies because it is not common for wings to come out of their backs. They are afraid to go near Peru. Meanwhile, Hanah is walking restlessly and walking all over the house. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Hanah immediately opened the door and saw Pearl and a girl in a blood-stained and dirty shirt. Sewing clothes here and there. It is understood that it is very old. Before Pearl could say anything to Hanah, Hanah hugged Peru. Pearl was very surprised. The Honorable Queen hugged the girl in such filthy clothes, but she didn't hate her at all. Peru itself is surprised by the use of Hanah. After a while, Hanah looks at Pearl and says, "Be ready for your prize, Pearl. Promotion and salary will increase. Choose the most expensive and beautiful building out of the thousands of storey buildings in the south. Also give you five diamond cards. Go to the planet you want."


Pearl left happily with Queen Hannah's tempting reward. Before leaving, he told the story of Black Fairy and Charles.

Peru and Hanah are sitting on an expensive ivory sofa in Hanah's bedroom. Hanah smiled and asked, "How are you Sanha?"

Peru says in surprise, "Sanha?"

"Oh, Sanha is your name."

"No, my name is Peru."

"Yeah, you're a fairy girl so they named you Peru."


"Those you think of as your parents."

"They're my parents, what's there to think?"

"They're your grandparents!"

Peru is startled.

Peru asks, "Then who is my mother? Who is my father?"

Hanah looked down and said, "Take a break. I'll tell you in the morning."

"No! I'll hear it now."

Hanah was shocked by Peru's threat. Peru has the courage to threaten Queen Hanah! Then you have to understand how brave she is! After being threatened by Peru, Hanah became very scared. Just then the sound of gunshots can be heard outside.

The sound of a huge explosion is also coming from very close. Peru looked at her watch and saw that it was four o'clock at night. Where do such sounds come from?

Moreover, they are now in the capital.

There is no war here. There is no war anywhere other than the border But have 0the blacks left? There was a loud banging on the door of Hanah's house. When Hana ran and opened the door, Pearl entered the room injured. He does not have a wing. He was shot three times in the chest, but did not die. He fell on the floor after hitting his face .Hanah is shocked to see Pearl's condition and shouts, "Pearl! Pearl! What happened?"

"Black Queen Hans has come to take Sanha," said Pearl.

Hanah is startled and says, "What! Entered the south?"

Pearl shook her head and said, "The situation is very bad. In a short time they have left with a huge army. There are white fairy corpses and corpses everywhere. There are human corpses too."

Hanah broke down in tears and said, "Don't die Pearl! Pearl!"

"Queen Hanah! Take care of yourself."

Pearl breathed his last. Hanah was devastated by the death of her faithful spy. She did not notice that Peru had spread her wings and left the house. When she noticed, it was too late Hanah shouts, "Sanha! Where are you going?"

"To kill Hans," shouted Peru.

Hanah's heart ached as she listened to Peru. She wanted to tell Peru that Hans was her mother. She thought if she revealed all the secrets Sanha aka Peru would bring peace through the bloody war. All the problems would be solved and there would be no more bloodshed. But all the plans were thwarted by Hans's sudden attack. Pearl's body was left lying on the bed on its own, and she quickly flew into the airca (vehicle that can fly in the air) to fight. The darkness of the night is no more. Fire around everything. So everything is becoming clear in the light of fire. Hanah continues to advance, dropping one bomb after another from Airca .Only corpses and corpses on all the streets Fear of fire.l Smoke is flying in the sky Screams, screams, the smell of corpses and the smell of burning create a tragic atmosphere. Peru gets very angry with Hans. The blacks saw her black wings and didn't hurt . She went ahead and asked someone, "Where's Queen Hans?"

"There's Queen Hans in the white airca," he says.

Now who will stop Peru! She flew from the highest point and saw the battle scene below. Take a good look and look for the white airca. Here is the only white airca. That means there is Hans. Peru flew there with a crooked smile. Hans is eager to see Sanha. Hanah had to fight such a sudden battle. It was already said that Sanha would return to Queen Hans when she was eighteen years old. Hans is hoping to lovingly pull her daughter to her chest. Sanha is part of her beloved deceased-husband Sims. So Hans is very weak towards Sanha.There was a knock on the airca door. Hans goes to the door with a shot and says, "Who?"

Peru says calmly, "Sun ... ha."

Hans immediately opens the door without any delay. She sees Peru in front of her. She looks at Peru like she is enchanted. Peru's eyes are like her father's. The sight of those two eyes went deep into Hans's heart. This is her and Sims' child. Eighteen years later, she is happy to have her child back, Hans goes to hug her, and Peru asks, "Are you Hans?"


The smile on Hans's face faded. Her daughter does not know her. Seeing her after so many years . Hans has not been able to bring the girl to her chest yet. This heart of Hans that just cries for the love of the child, Hans says calmly, "Yes."

Hans wants to hug Peru. But Peru did not let that happen. She grabbed Hans by the throat and lifted her into the air. Hans is very upset and scared . Her child is hurting her. She pressed Hans throat so hard that Hans couldn't say anything. Blood is coming out of the mouth and nose. Hans can die at any time .Hanah appears before Peru kills Hans. Hanah is scared to see her sister's condition. She shouted, "Sanha, that's your motherrrr!"

Peru is startled. She immediately left the throat. Hans coughed and sat down.Peru looked at Hanah in surprise. Hanah quickly enters Hans's airca. Black fairies were guarding around Hans's airca. When all of them tied up Hanah, Hanah killed them. Hanah locked the airca door before the other blacks arrived. Airca continues to lift upwards. Peru looked at Hanah curiously. Meanwhile, Hans stood up, hugged Peru, cried loudly and said, "My daughter! Part of Sims! Symbol of my love!"

Peru stares blankly. Hanah puts her hand on Hans's shoulder and says, "Calm down. Stop fighting."

Hans gets angry and slaps Hannah, saying, "You cheated on me."

Hanah asks with her hand on her cheek, "What have I done?"

"I told you that if Sanha was eighteen years old, you would take her to me but put poison in her ear of my name. She came to kill me."

"Hanah didn't tell me to kill you. I came myself," Peru said.

Hans was even more surprised and upset when she heard this. She says, "Why?"

"For you. I lost my parents. My parents' throats have been cut in front of my eyes. The blacks you sent brutally killed Charles, the man I love. How can I let you go? "

Hans and Hanah are both hurt by Peru's words. Hans became speechless and sat down on the floor. Floating in her face the

signs of severe pain. Hanah says sadly, "Sims' parents are already dead?"


"This is your father."

"Where is he?"

"He's dead."


Hanah looked at Hans. Hans nodded and allowed to speak. So Hanah said, "When we came to Faman with our parents, we got to know Sims and his parents. They let us stay in their own house. Our parents couldn't adapt to the environment when they came to Faman, so they got sick, and died. Gradually the neglect of human beings increased. Fairies began to live on the planet Faman. Over time through various competitions I got the vote to be Queen. Sims's friend kills him. Hans hates people. Hans knows she's pregnant with Sim's baby.She wants to show you the light of the world. You're a symbol of her and Sims' love. You or I can never imagine

how much she loved her husband. It was not easy for me to rule the whole planet alone, I gave her the northern side to rule to end her loneliness. She then issued an order to kill the people. It sows the seeds of hatred and neglect in everyone's mind about people. After you were born, Hans secretly called me. After seeing you, we became very anxious. Because you are like a human child. You had no wings .Since you look like a human, you will be killed. If any fairy sees you in the north, I will bring you to me. Of course, Hans also helps. The doctors who saw Hans during the delivery were killed by Hans. So the matter is suppressed. I secretly told a well-known and trusted doctor in the south. He tested your genes and said that only when you are eighteen years old, then the genes will be effective and you will be able to become a black fairy. How much power you have is beyond imagination. I told Sims' parents about you. They were in the south. People don't have the right to be in a good place like fairies. All these laws are in the hands of the judiciary, I can't interfere. So I could not give them a chance to live in a good place, even if I wanted to. And if I were to take care of you, everyone would be skeptical. I was sure they would take care of you. They took you. You think they are your parents. Suddenly one day I didn't find anything about you. Now I realize I lost you because they died. "

Peru listens in unison and says, "But what is the main reason behind my father's death?"

"Sim's friend loved Hans. When he saw that Sim married Hans, he got furious and killed Sim. So Hans hated humans and killing people was just her revenge."

"What revenge! The one who killed my father, only he should have been killed. Why everyone?"

"I couldn't explain it to Hans. Now explain it if you can."

Peru knelt down. She hugged Hans and said, "Stop this war. Make peace."

Hans was overjoyed to find her daughter so close. Hans says, "Once you call me mother?"

"Declare a ceasefire first."

A fierce battle outside. Hans comes out of the airca and puts a small mic to her face and says, "Stop fighting."

According to Hans, everyone stopped fighting. They are shocked to see Hanah next to Hans. The hope of peace peeks into their hearts. I think everyone is happy, maybe this time the war will stop. "This is your new Queen Sanha. You will follow her orders," said Hans, looking at Peru.

Then Peru became a little upset. Hanah whispered in her ear, "Announce. Everyone is waiting."


"I'm announcing an end to this war. People and fairies will live together. People have the same rights as fairies."

After Peru finished her speech, a tragic incident took place. One of the white fairies shot her in the chest. Peru was stunned. Another shot hit her in the stomach. Another shot pierced her throat But due to the formation of a strong body, she did not die immediately. Hans and Hanah both shouted and grabbed Peru .The three of them were flying in the air .Now they grabbed Peru and came down to the ground. Hans cried . Repeatedly just shouting and calling Sanha. Hanah strangles the white fairy and says, "Why did you kill her?"

"She's the Black Fairy Queen."

"The war is over."

"I don't believe in blacks. Hans is such a disgusting black queen. This new black queen would be even more disgusting." Hanah gets angry and says to the Black Fairy standing next to her, "Kill this White."

The Black Fairy kills the White Fairy by firing four shots in a row . Meanwhile, all the planet becomes silent at Hans's cries. Putting her head on Peru's chest, Peru slowly fell to her death. Peru's last wish was to call Hans as her mother. But it was difficult to say openly. Holding the frozen corpse of Peru, Hans cried out, "My child! Mother, I haven't got to hear the call anymore!" Hans is crying and her chest is floating. All the angels present were in pain and began to weep silently. Hanah knelt on the ground, silently shedding tears, "Sanha is my sweetheart." It first rained from the sky and then it started to rain heavily. Hans burst into tears and cried.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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