Updated on August 18, 2019

Light from the window softly encompasses the room. My brain is no more than an hour conscious and beginning to organize the events for the day. Lounging around in the room currently was no issue. One could walk through the room without having to worry about tripping over any furniture or even books on the ground. Inanimate objects are unable to terrify one’s imaginative mind when bathed in sunlight. Another human being sleeping soundly a few feet away should also not be able to instill fear. On the bed lies a person I am intimately familiar with. There is no action that comes to mind that they could perform to scare me. Looking upon their face I can see that they sleep peacefully, toss and turn every now and then. Their face looks seemingly calm, but when inspected long enough the shadows below the eyes formed by how the light hits their face complicates your feelings. The eyes seem to gape open, never closing, because of the shadows. Someone that easily makes you feel safe and warm inside now feels insidious peering at you from the eyes in the shadow. Eyes forming from the shadow of the eyes are automatically lower down on the face causing the whole face to take on a disturbing and evil demeanor. The eyes themselves feel empty with no pupil. Staring into them is very similar to staring into an abyss. This abyss looked deep and endless but didn’t necessarily feel empty.

Looking away there is some reprieve from the eyes in the shadows. Logic determines that the evil eyes only seem to be there because of the shadows. If you turned on the room light those evil eyes would be gone. Not wanting to wake the person sleeping in the room all activities are conducted in the soft morning light peering in through the one-bedroom window. The activities distract from the evil eyes. Personally, the eyes didn’t cause any discomfort. I didn’t feel like they were burning holes in my back when faced towards me. But my mind could not forget that they were there transforming comfort into maliciousness. It was only when I made eye contact and interestingly became intrigued by those eyes did the evilness feel frightening. I would say that the longer I stared into the evil eyes the more I felt drawn in and the more real the evil character-forming from the once calming face felt.

When something terrifying appears out of nothing there are two general reasons. The first is your mind is tricking you and seeing things where they are not. The second is there is something sinister there trying to show itself and control you through your own fear. Oddly enough I found that the tossing and turning told me that the evil eyes were in my head. This is easily explained. If there was something sinister behind the evil eyes, I would feel like I was losing control. Instead, I felt as though the evil eyes did not have control. When this special person rolls over facing away from me the evil eyes were out of sight and supposedly out of mind. I felt that there was nothing that they could do to me. Thus, they were a figment of my imagination. It is quite laughable. If you think about an actual evil entity trying to get at me by staring deep into me, but not being able to control the person sleeping, eventually getting frustrated because half the time they can’t make eye contact. Alternatively, if the evil entity could control the person sleeping such that they evil eyes could make eye contact for long periods of time that indicates an abnormal sleeping pattern supporting the idea that something sinister is there.

In conclusion, a person’s mind can be imaginative in the scariest ways. People can be plagued by nightmares and shadows. Logic can be used to convince your brain that it is just tricking you but be careful of convincing yourself that you are safe when in reality there could be something sinister trying to get at you.

© 2019 C L Whisper


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