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Save Earth, Save It From Ourselves



"Save me..." I keep on running in this dark place that I don't know where. Who do I need to save?

" me," the voice is getting louder but still, I can't find where it's coming from.

"I'm dying, save me..."

"Who are you?! Tell me where you are!" I shouted. I'm done running and searching for that voice. Suddenly, it gets very quiet and the place is becoming really scary.


'Kring! Kring! Kring!'

I turned off the alarm clock and stared at the ceiling for a while. I'm dripping on sweat again--- it's getting mysterious, it's my third time to dream something like that. Who do I need to save?


I'm now walking on the side walk, ready for school. Halfway there, I saw a cart of streetfoods, and it's still 30 minutes before the start of my class, so I decided to buy besides, I haven't eaten anything yet.

I'm eating while walking, though it's morning, the roads were already too busy and the traffic is too long; smokes filled the air. I guess, that's so ordinary.

Finally, I've reached our school, I was about to enter when I remembered that I'm still holding a plastic cup, I look around but there's no sign of trashbin anywhere so I just throw it on the grasses. That's just one plastic cup, right? It won't do harm.

The day went smoothly. I'm now, going back home and was really burnt out so I called for a tricycle. Though, my house is just near, I still choose to ride.


"Save me now, please..." I'm following the voice but I can't really point out where it is coming from.

"I can't take this anymore." She really sounded very hurt.

"How can I save you?"



I've woke up on my own, to found out that I only have few minutes to prepared for my class. I quickly brushed my teeth, I just let the water from the faucet to flow. It won't do no harm, right? I really need to hurry up!


" me"

"Where are you?" I asked, I'm still dumbfounded.


"Save me..."

"They're hurting me..."


I've woke up with full of sweat again. When will it stop? It's very creepy and cringy. Why is she asking for my help?

I didn't stood up quickly for today is Saturday. I just need to burn the leaves on the backyard, today.


I'm currently watching the leaves as it was swallowed by fire. The smoke is spreading out. Well, I just do this once in a week, it won't do no harm.

"Hey Lysa! Stop burning those leaves!"

"It's just trash, why would I?" I've told my neighbor who's just in the same age as I am.

"You're polluting the air and you might trigger someone's asthma! It smells awful too!"

"Wow! Overacting huh! It's not like I'm doing this regularly, duh."


"Psh! Whatever!"

I just entered my house when I've noticed that the light and television is still on. Hays, I'll take bath first, before I'll turn it off, laziness is attacking me. Besides, it won't do no harm, right?


"S-save m-me..."

" hurts."

"Tell me who are you!"

"I'm...I'm the mother me."

"From whom do I need to save you...?"



"Okay class, who else here knows about the things that can save our planet?"

One of my classmate raises her hand.

"Uhmm, saving water, correct waste disposal, saving energy and...and...reforestation."

"Okay, very good! So class, it's already time. I hope you'll take care of our planet, that's not an assignment but an obligation. Goodbye!"


"Hey Lysa! Don't just throw trash anywhere."

"Psh! It's just small and I don't do it often, duh!"


"Save me..."
I'm now conscious in my dream. The mother earth needs help but----

"Save me... Someone will kill me... They'll kill me..."

"Who? Tell me who?"

"Save me from them, please..." She said pleading.

"From whom?"

"From someone who didn't cares about me."

"From someone who wastes my water and energy."

"From someone who polluted my air."

"From the one who's killing me. From the one---one of seven billion."

"Who?" I asked nervously.

"Save me from...You!"

Oh no.

I've just woke up, catching my breathe, searching for more air but all that I can catch is smoke.

There's something wrong here. I hurriedly run to take a sneak on the outside. I've just found out how dry it is and how people screams for water. They seem so hungry too.

I tried to open the faucet but only mud flows out and it smells bad.

I click the switch for the light but it's not functioning. What's happening?

I also tried to turn on the TV but it doesn't work.

Due to my frustration. I just throw anything that my hands would touch. It just happened that I throw a radio ran by battery.

"Shkk...shkk...T---" the signal seems to be interrupted.

"Today is December 27, 3000."

Oh no, what happened. It isn't Earth.


"Save me, please..."

"Save me from YOURSELF."

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