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Saturday For Horse Lovers!

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

Well, we made it Monday through Friday. explaining what the days of the week mean to horse crazy people like us. So here comes the weekend, might as well keep the trend going.

So What Does Saturday Mean To A Horse Person?



"S" stands for the saddle, where you plan on spending most of your time over the weekend.

"S" stands for shows. You might have shows to compete in on a Saturday. Best of luck to all the show riders out there!

"S" stands for sunscreen, you don't want to get burned in the process of getting that farmers tan!

Then Comes "A"

"A" is for apple. If you have read any of my other days of the week posts then you already knew this. When it comes to horses don't forget the apples.

"A" is for already counting down the minutes until you pull into the barn on Saturday morning

"A" is for asking questions and asking for help when you need help. It is hard to become the best horse person you can be with a big ego!



"T" is for tack. You will need it for your weekend riding. Maybe you cleaned it earlier in the week so it is all ready and waiting for you!

"T" is for a truck. Yep, horse people like trucks. You can probably guess why that is right? Drum roll, please...

"T" is for a trailer. You need the truck to pull the trailer to take you and your horse on adventures. It should be at least a three horse trailer. Room for your horse and two friend's horses.


"U" is for underwear, as in making sure that you are wearing underwear that does not show through your show breeches! Stay classy people, nobody needs to see your underwear.

"U" is for unlucky. Sometimes we just feel unlucky. Like our horse is always bad at shows or gets hurt all the time. Don't worry about it. Everyone feels this way. Your luck will turn around! Speaking of turning...

"U" is for the "U" turn you are going to have to make with your truck and trailer when you get lost on the way to a show or trail ride.



"R" is for reins. Our favorite thing to hold and what we hope to be holding onto a lot over the weekend.

"R" is for riding buddies. That's right! Shout out to all your riding buddies that you plan on spending the weekend with

"R" is for rub marks. You might get some sore rub marks if you here the wrong breeches or the wrong boots. You get used to it after a while as something that comes with the territory.


"D" is for the dressage test that you are going to memorize in the truck on the way to the horse show.

"D" is for the dressage whip you need, but realize that you forgot and left at home. Oh well...

"D" is for disaster. As in that, we would like to get through our weekends with our horses. No matter what our plans, without any disasters.


"A" is for the applause that you get from your friends and family no matter how good or bad you did in the show ring.

"A" is for animals. As in all the other random critters that are common around horse barns. Things like chickens and goats. They become part of the scenery around the barn.

"A" is for Advil, you might need some Advil after being at the barn all weekend working and riding. It happens to the best of us, there is no shame in it.


"Y" is for yes, the answer you give to anyone over the weekend who asks you to do something involving horses.

"Y" is for yesterday. As in today at the farm with your horse is way better than your day at school or work yesterday. There is no comparison!

"Y" is for young. As in horse, crazy young riders are all over barns on Saturdays. Not just young ones, but horse crazy grown-ups too!

Happy Saturday!


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