Sasha was a Swimmer

Updated on June 26, 2020
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Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.

Trying to keep things light

This is a short story I wrote hoping to help me change my dark tone (my usual type of story is a little dark). Over the next few days, I'll write and post my stories and hopefully, most of them won't end in death, murder or other nastiness.

Because of a problem, I can't fix right now my writing will not be as closely check got grammar so sorry about all the mistakes.

Sasha was a Swimmer

Sasha was a swimmer. She was swimming even before she could walk. She loved the solitude, the feeling of the cold water and the heat of the competition. It was to no one’s surprise when she joined the swim team or that her life’s goal was to win gold at the Olympics. Her swimming kept her fit and focused. In three weeks, her life’s goal is going to happen. The tryouts for the American Olympics team will start, and she has a number and a dream. Her daily routine includes an early morning swim. The High School was open to members of the swim team. They all supported Sasha in her goal.

She changed her clothes; made sure her hair was tight to her head and the camp was secure. She remembered a time when another team member told her she was going to cost them a win because of her long nappy hair. It wasn’t the first time she heard something racist, but it made the biggest impact. She had gone home that night and cut all her hair off. She stared into the mirror hating what she saw. Her mother found her crying on the floor in a pile of hair and tears. Her mother told her something she didn’t believe at first; she said she was beautiful and stronger than any weak-willed bully. Together they did their best to fix what Sasha did to her hair. It was a Friday. That night her mother posted a picture of the new Sasha and her experience in school. No names were mentioned.

Monday morning, Sasha got dressed and went to school with her new-look and a fear of what was waiting for her. The first girl she saw was Tamara, and she was missing her long tightly tied hair. Neither girl spoke to each other as they passed. A bus passed and Sasha thought she saw more than a few girls’ sans hair, but it didn’t make any sense. At the entrance to the indoor pool, she saw a sign, “#justiceforSahsa. Inside she found her entire swim team waiting for her; all of them were nearly bald. Sasha saw the girl that had started the whole thing, and she too was without her hair. Alicia would tell her later she was jealous of her natural talent and said something she heard her father said. Sasha told Alicia her talent wasn’t natural, she worked hard to reach her goals. Together they worked all that day and for the rest of that school year. Sasha’s hair grew back but Alicia kept her hair short.

Sasha grabbed her towel and went to the pool. Alicia was already in the water swimming laps. She was swimming faster than the previous year and would be both a worthy competitor and a team member. Sasha was on another level and could beat every member of her team and all the other schools. She dipped a toe in the water to feel the temperature; warm but not too warm. Her teachers called them ebony and ivory not seeing the racism in the comment. Neither girl knows the song. Sasha jumped into the water and started to swim slowly at first letting her own temperature bled out into the water; soon she was up to speed lapping Alicia betting her by three laps to their usual three-mile swim. Sasha sat on edge watching Alicia swim, her form and speed. Soon Alicia joined her, and the two girls sat with their legs in the water staring at each other. Alicia looked around to see they were alone and soon they were kissing. Sasha wondered what Alicia’s father would think about their relationship. They hid their relationship fearing not what people would say but how an open relationship would take the thrill away. The fear of being caught was like any other drug. Sasha also didn’t want her private sexuality to become her whole life. People saw Sasha as a swimmer and that was how she likes to be seen.

The two girls showered and dressed keeping their relationship as PG as a Disney movie for now. Sasha had a dream to swim to gold, and she didn’t want any drama. Of course, everyone in the school knew. Neither girl was good at hiding how they felt. The boys stopped asking her out and the girls all gave them side glances hoping to maybe see something juicy to post and tweet. School ended and the two girls were back in their suits and back in the water. They swam for fun, they swam for courage, for strength, and love. Sasha swam for her mother and everything she knew to be right and true.


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