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Santa Claws A Christmas short story

Cat scratching furniture

Cat scratching furniture

Twas the night before Christmas.....

'Hey mama when is Santa coming'? Five years old, and full of questions, little Paul was driving his mama nuts with 'Where's Santa?' And 'How many presents will he leave me'? And so on.

By Christmas eve, Jo was exhausted with all the preparations and gift wrapping. People to see, food to cook, and Maisy the dog to take out for a walk. With her husband away she was left to do everything.

Chloe the cat was stretched out on the couch not a care in the world, a gentle purr emanating from the corner of the sofa. Licking her paws, she started to kneed the cushions, catching one of her claws and dragging it down in a straight line, causing the wool to tear and unravel.

'Chloe get off that couch'. Jo shouted and shooed her into the kitchen.

'I swear one of these days I am going to make that cat wear mittens! Jo threw the cushion on the chair, stripped off the cover and dropped it into the mending basket.

And all through the house.....

It was getting dark, and Jo peered out of the window. Where had Simon got too? He said he would be home ready for Christmas. Being Christmas eve he promised to arrive dressed as Santa, so that if Paul came downstairs at the wrong time he would see only Santa placing the gifts under the tree.

'Mama, is daddy coming home?' Paul was sitting at the kitchen table, a plate of cookies in front of him. Maisy sat under the chair waiting for the cookie crumbs to land at her feet.

'He will be home soon I promise, now get ready for bed or else Santa won't come to give you your presents'.

'Aw mom do I have too?'

'Yes, brush your teeth, get changed and then bed, now!' Said Jo smiling. She chased him up the stairs while he giggled so hard then nearly fell into bed.

Now, she thought, just let Maisy out back for a while, then drop her next door, and finally I can go to bed. She had an early start and was really tired.

The grandfather clock struck 12

The grandfather clock struck 12

Not a creature was stirring.....

Setting the clock for 7 am Jo took a final look out the bedroom window, sighed, and climbed into bed. 'Come on Simon, where are you?'

She wasn't that worried as he was often late home. his job took him all over the country, so she knew he would be here soon. Slowly her eyes closed and she dropped off to sleep.

The clock struck twelve and chimed gently, the sound drifting across to Paul's bedroom. He stirred and rubbed his eyes.


With a smile he climbed out of bed and crept over to the door. He looked to see if his mom was asleep then softly walked towards the stairs. A creak sounded from the lounge. He knew it was the loose floorboard near the fireplace, and instantly became aware that Santa must be in the room!

Reaching the top of the stairs he inched his way down, so as not to disturb Maisy. Then he remembered that she had been left with the neighbors overnight because his mom knew she would start barking if she saw Santa enter the house. They didn't have children so he knew she would be fine over there.

Santa putting gifts under the tree

Santa putting gifts under the tree

Not even a mouse.....

Paul reached the lounge door and quickly peeked into the room. There! By the fireplace was Santa! A shiver went up his spine with excitement. Santa was placing his presents under the tree! The excitement was too much and he nearly ran back upstairs, but then he noticed something strange.

Santa wasn't placing the gifts near the tree. He was putting them in his sack! What? Thought Paul. That's not right! What is he doing?

Santa moved slowly round the room, taking down the candlesticks, placing them in his bag, and then reaching across to open the drawer under the TV.

Paul was bewildered. Why was Santa taking these things? Surely he should be eating his mince pies and drinking the milk he had left him on the side table.

Santa moved round the room, picking up one object, throwing it down on the chair, mumbling under his breath as he chose the objects for his mystery bag.

Picking up a gold colored clock he clicked his tongue in annoyance and launched the clock in temper towards the couch.

Suddenly like a black shadow, Chloe sprang up, and with a hiss, the cat jumped onto Santa's back and scored a scratch straight down his face! Meowing and hissing she struck out at him, spitting and clawing while Santa screamed and tried to get her off!

But she held on and with a curse he ran towards the window, which Paul noticed was open, and jumped out. Running across the front garden he disappeared up the road, leaving the sack behind.

Cat attacks Santa Claus!

Cat attacks Santa Claus!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.....

'Mom!' Yelled Paul, and turning from the doorway ran across the hall and up the stairs. Banging open his moms bedroom door he jumped on the bed and hollered, 'Santa just stole our presents but Chloe beat him up and he jumped out the window'!

Jo slowly sat up and rubbed at her face. 'Oh Paul go back to sleep you are having a bad dream'

'No mom, come quick its real!'

Knowing he wasn't going to stop until she moved, Jo slowly made her way across the room, out the door and down the stairs, where she was met with chaos!

'What the...?' She said, staring in amazement!

There on the floor was the remains of her gifts, and scattered all over the chairs and couch were bits of paper, candles and money. And there, laying on the couch with not a care in the world, was Chloe, licking her paws! She stretched, looked towards the door as if to say, what? Yawned and went to sleep.

At that moment Simon came in the front door dressed as Santa. 'What the hell is going on?' He said.


The thief was caught the following day. The scratches on his face giving him away, along with lots of money and personal jewelry from the other houses he had stolen from.

Chloe on the other hand was given a new cat bed, a beautiful new squeaky toy that had her chasing round the room thoroughly enjoying herself, and huge hugs from the family.

'So mom' said Paul stroking Chloe, does this mean you won't threaten to make her wear mittens now?'

Jo laughed. 'She can ruin all the cushions she wants to now, she deserves it'!

Black cat in cat bed

Black cat in cat bed

© 2014 Nell Rose

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