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Sankhajit Bhattacharjee Two Stories 20.06.21

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Father’s Son And Believing Beat

1) Father’s Son

‘Your father was never good’.

Mr. Das was accused by many. He took bribes for executing his duties. He abused women every day. He scolded servants often.

His son, Ananta, cried, ‘I ask for forgiveness on behalf of my father. He is wrong no doubt, but he is my father’.

(50 words)

2) Believing Beat

‘Our biotechnologist, Bob is writing poems! Ena has ruined his career’. Bob’s uncle, Rana uttered.

Everyday Bob attended his office. He returned around 7:30 pm. He recited, his wife, Ena typed poems. Why should he change his line?

Ena uttered, ‘Don’t pay any heed. Pom can’t write. So, Pom’s father is jealous of you. Listen to your heart only’.

One day Pom was convincing Bob, ‘It never matters how talented you are but it does matter whether you are happy or not’.

Pom was pouring water to the fire, burning in his heart. He was listening to his heart no doubt!

(101 words)

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