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Samantha’s Discreet Decision


This piece is written in response to the 7th Romance Writing Prompt in the article, “70 Creative Writing Prompts” authored by Bessiebooks on HubPages.

The 7th Romance Writing Prompt

Samantha was often called the belle of the town, with her long, dark curls and cream complexion, but when she looked at herself in the mirror, she could only see the imperfections- the stubby nose, the chubby cheeks, and the big mouth.

Pic: Samantha

Pic: Samantha

Samantha’s Discreet Decision- The Response

Samantha had just enrolled in the Bachelor's program in Business Administration at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was friends with Philip, who encouraged her to enroll in the program and earn a degree. Originally, they both came from the rural parts of Milwaukee.

Philip had a senior friend, Dante, who had done a Master's in Marketing from Buffalo University in New York. Dante was now here in Milwaukee to meet his dear friend, Philip. They had first met in an exchange program in the UK.

It was Philip’s birthday. He had invited a lot of friends to his apartment in Milwaukee city, including Dante and Samantha.

At the party, Dante and Samantha met for the first time. Samantha didn’t consider herself beautiful; so, she ignored him and his stares at her.

But Dante wasn't going to give up. He was adamant about getting introduced to her. He finally got hold of Philip and asked him to do so.

Dante lived in Houston. The fact that he would fall for a girl in a city like Milwaukee amazed him and blew his mind away.

After getting introduced to Samantha, Dante had a lively conversation with her, and it satisfied his heart.

At Dante's request, Samantha started to date him. Samantha was surprised by his mannerism. He treated her like a Queen. She wondered for the hundredth time what was it in her that attracted Dante. Naturally, from her side, she did like Dante a lot and was on the verge of falling in love with him.

Dante went back to Houston where he lived and worked, but he couldn't erase Samantha from his mind.

He took her phone number from Philip and called her, surprising her completely. He was going to give her an air ticket by email for a round trip to his place in the summer. Samantha agreed.

Accordingly, in the following summer, she flew to Dante's city, and they hugged each other. After a relishing lunch at a restaurant, they went together touring the city and had loads of fun.

Summer was coming to an end, and Samantha had to leave for her home city for continuing her studies. Dante was quiet and sad.

They remained in touch with each other for the next four years, met together, and made love during Samantha’s winter and summer breaks.

Pic: Samantha and Dante, in Love, Watching Sunset

Pic: Samantha and Dante, in Love, Watching Sunset

After Samantha graduated, Dante was right there proposing to her. Samantha accepted happily. She left her apartment in Milwaukee and started living together with Dante in Houston. They fixed a date for their marriage and started taking preparations way ahead. They started to invite guests and their original families.

The great pompous day arrived. Samantha looked beautiful in her gorgeous gown and veil. As the priest pronounced them man and wife, Dante lifted Samantha's veil and kissed her.

Guests were guided to the dining area. This was the most glamorous and special day for Samantha in a long time. It would serve as an elegant memory to ponder on even later in her life.

They moved to a bigger home. Dante got a promotion at work while Samantha found a reputable job. They were always loyal to each other and remained like the best of friends.

But it was always at the back of Samantha’s mind to know what it was in her that her hubby found so attractive. That is because until now when she looked in the mirror, she could only find her imperfections.

She asked about it to Dante one lovely evening. He was surprised at such a question from Samantha. He said, “Don’t you think you are pretty? And not only that, you are sexy too. I love your dark silky hair and your beautiful smile.”

Samantha was amazed at Dante’s words and treasured them close to her heart since then.

Five years passed on. Dante was still working, getting another promotion, while Samantha got a raise. However, one late afternoon, Samantha got a shocking call from Dante's office that he had fainted and was taken to the nearest hospital.

After a thorough check-up, Dante was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Samantha was terrified beyond words. While Dante was resting in the hospital bed, Samantha went home for a brief time, flung herself on the couch, and cried and cried helplessly. She fell asleep in her immense sorrow and didn’t know how long she lay there.

After she woke up, she had a shower. She drove back to the hospital and consulted with the doctors. Doctors said Dante had stage 3 cancer, and only God could tell how much time he had.

After ten months of constant battle with his cancer, Dante chose the heavens and passed on. Samantha had been his caregiver, and she could somehow bear the loss as she had been with him 24/7 all the past ten months, and somehow God let her be prepared to confront it.

After Dante’s funeral service, Samantha came back home with several relatives. She didn’t feel like talking much. They made her dinner, commiserated with her, and then left.

Samantha lay awoken for some time. She remembered Dante’s words:

“Don’t you think you are pretty? And not only that, you are sexy too. I love your dark silky hair and beautiful smile.”

Then and there, Samantha decided she would never love another man. She could never love somebody else so much because they wouldn’t be able to love her like Dante. She vowed not to marry again.

Samantha was as good as her word. She never did marry again. She changed her job and joined an NGO through which she gave service to the impoverished country people in the rural parts and helped humanity there. She was certain Dante was happy up in the heavens to watch her giving service to mankind in a positive and passionate way.

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