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For the Love of a Rich Man

Sarah is a journalist for a small town weekly newspaper. She is currently enrolled in journalism classes, working toward her B.A. degree.

Internet Love

She was crouched down from view in the boathouse, listening to the shouting of the men, each making their demands.

"Leave here, Marcus, there has to be no one hurt!" With that a shot was discharged through the air, from the yacht.

"Relinquish her to me!" Marcus yelled in return.

She knew she wanted to be on that boat, with Marcus. She had not been with him in person but after months of chatting online, texting, and talking on the phone, she knew she wanted to be with him.


Her fiancé was not letting her go without a hitch. He said "If I can't have you, Marcus sure isn't getting you!"

It would be a marriage of convenience, for her father’s business. Being the only child, her father felt it was up to her to keep the family business going. But since she, at 27 years old, had no initiative to do anything with her life other than be with a rich man, and spend money, He demanded her to marry someone with good business ethics. Who was better for that then his right-hand man?

She had never loved him in the way a wife should love her husband. But, to be fair, he had been good to her. She hated to break his heart in this manner. However, she realized her happiness did matter. He was a very handsome man, with a heart of gold. She knew many women would jump at the chance to be with him. It was only a matter of time before he found someone new, and forgot about her. She had always felt that she was settling.

She was a beautiful woman, she could have whoever she wanted; She had won three beauty contests, for crying out loud!


The Escape

She saw a ladder hanging from the back of the yacht. If she could only make it to the ladder without being seen, she would be on the boat, and they could leave this place behind forever.

A few more shots were fired off in the sky, and a few more threats were yelled across the waters at each other.

She kicked off her heels and dropped her Coach purse, as she slipped through the window of the boathouse and slid as quietly as possible into the water, careful not to make a splash.

She felt weighed down by her designer jeans and blouse, as she silently swam to the back of the yacht. She reached high for the ladder and after a little maneuvering she managed to pull herself up onto the bottom rung, where she attempted to hoist herself up.

For a brief moment, she wondered if she was making a mistake, as she slipped off the rung and fell into the water, making a loud splash. She held her breath and waited to see if anyone heard her. She then attempted once again, after it became apparent she had gone unnoticed by the pair of angry men.

She managed to climb the ladder on the second try and fell with a thud onto the deck. Dripping wet, she arose and tried to tidy herself. When she lifted her head, she was face to face with an elderly woman.

"Who are you?" The woman inquired, looking as if she already knew the answer.

"I'm Anna," she said nervously. "Please let Marcus know I'm on the boat."

The woman replied while taking a cell phone out of her pocket, "I am his mother, just call me Ms. Burkett.” Then speaking into the phone she said, “She's on the boat, slipped up the back side," after a brief pause, "Ok, I will tell her."

After hanging up the phone, she turned to Anna and stated, “We are leaving the dock, he said to wait in his room, he will be there in a moment".

”Wait! I don't want him to see me like this! Can I freshen up?" Anna asked panickily.

"Yes ma'am, come this way," she led Anna through the master bedroom, into a bathroom. "Would you like a change of clothes, my son was kind enough to have me purchase you new clothes and other items.”

Anna was relieved, “yes ma'am, thank you very much!"

The woman left her for a moment in the small bathroom, returning with a plain white sundress, "I thought the evening is mighty warm, maybe this will be cool enough." She smiled as she held out the dress.

Anna was speechless. As she began to start the water for a quick shower, she noticed an array of body washes and shampoos. Marcus is a thoughtful host, she thought to herself.

When Anna turned the water off and began to dress, she heard voices in the bedroom. One was a male voice she instantly recognized as Marcus, the other voice was that of his mother.

With butterflies in her stomach, she hastily dressed, brushed her long sun-bleached hair and made herself look presentable.

Upon opening the door, her blue eyes instantly encountered his green eyes, where he was positioned on the arm of an overstuffed chair.

He looked nothing like the photos he had sent her. They had apparently been at least ten to fifteen years old. He was middle aged, with salt and pepper hair. He had a slight waistline protruding through his holey t-shirt, with dingy looking jeans.

Unable to gain her voice, she walked over to the edge of the bed and fell to her knees. Anna placed her head into the mattress,to conceal the tears that fell.

Marcus walked over and sat on the bed and gently stroked her hair, as he bent to kiss the top of her head and whisper lovingly in her ears. "It’s ok, Anna, you belong to me now, you are all mine."

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