Updated on May 9, 2018
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I am a Colombian melancholic writer and poet with big dreams.


The voices invoked laments but he dilated them, drowning them in thoughts of fortune, in vengeful thoughts and in destruction, he silenced them at each step, as he walked away from the darkness in which he was trapped for eons, now it was the prison of those that he had deceived, of those he had condemned, the cursed voices, the voices of the victims.

He was going to that place that mortals called hell, he went alone and carried the body of a human woman, with purple hair, light skin and dark clothes, his look was the look of anger and melancholy and in his heart there was no light, he thought of giving that place the same fate he had given to the shrine he had visited before, the same fate that they had given him a long time ago, his memory was becoming clearer and his power was growing stronger, so to his mind returned one by one the memories lost in the darkness, in that darkness that corrupts, compresses and degenerates the damned sent to her, to contain them and deteriorate their existence, break it down, but he was strong and patient and ended up becoming master of her, to become the bearer of her essence and to escape from there, then, like a bodiless being, wander through the shadows until she finds a way to become strong again and start her plan of revenge.

He consumed beings, an increasingly larger one, stealing their bodies until they reached a human, he knew their hearts well and took advantage of that. The voices invoked laments, stories of their misfortunes and fear, he knew each of them because it was what they feared, these are some of those stories.

to be continue

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