Updated on May 10, 2016

Today ...

ants making their way ... Birds chirping, singing, whistling - flying to and fro - flowers face the sun - growing, blooming. Even the grasses are being pushed around by the breezes. - tree-limbs budding leaves waving ... reaching upward, outward - shading ... casting shadows - people scurrying around - keeping the engine churnning ... Round and round she goes - the sun creeps by at a slow crawl telling time - the moon follows - keeping tides ... In, out ... swell, release ... back up - go forward.

On the back porch I sit 'neath the sun shining in the distance - I hear cars going by. Hammers hammering - buzzers buzzing - while planes graze the inner sky. I imagine so many seats of passengers - awaiting to arrive - collect their luggage - getting on with whatever business - hearts are pumping - hustle through - wait for trains, busses, cabs and the type of friendliness that picks people up at airports on a busy weekday ... Some crowd together - some sit on benches, alone ... Do they ask: "Who am I?" and, "Where am I going?"

The days pass - along with the dates that keep changing - Another May - another minute ... gone ... Those flying insects get too close and rue the day! Bills to pay ... even though yesterday is spent. Sorry for living - sucking-up the expensive oxygen - along with the toxins - accumulating ... The price of life is too high. My blood is out there on some contract I signed - but, given those stats - that I compute at approximately 10 percent of my original? power - I cannot recall the oath. Mystery of mysteries ...

and ... in the meantime, I wonder if I should be doing something, too? Dilly dallying does not pay. And it's shunned upon. Monks have the right idea. I have been programmed - re-programmed -covered - recovered - uncovered, deprogrammed - only to make way for new programs and new covers. Days and days - years and years mostly dreaming crying tears having fears - unfounded and yet: 'Go to work! Get a job!' Take this prescription - buy this product ... drink and eat this - and cheers to your health! Remember that wisdom is better than wealth. yet, wisdom is only gained when surviving some fall - some death, some loss - the ills of poverty ... but if you dare question the call? You're an ungrateful sort.

Repent! Repent! Or they'll dig up the dirt. Only ignorance would find joy - in their labor for lords while their dirts being scrubbed - they're out playing for sport - slaves smile and bow in their happy wages - and when you ask them how - they pray to their sages - swearing their loyalites for meat in a pot.

I could command with one hand - the band ... I could forestall and not go - at all ... I could withstand and forgo the slight. I could jump up and out - and put up a fight. I could move mountains - just by my say so - I could pick cotton all day - and let it all go -

Those dirty slobs on the cities park benches - drinking their cheap wine in the company of wenches eating the peanuts thrown to the pigeons - sleeping on cardboard - covered up in the daily news - Their Freedoms Are ROBUST! Teeth or no teeth They still call the 'shots'! Whilst I sit here all morbid ... trying to shed my loot - trying to get smaller so I no longer pollute - but knowing I'm an addict - addicted to the light - addicted to: What's next? - what could, should or, might happen - Addicted to fantasy - that some god of some sort might actually love me.

addicted to an idea - that I may be of some use - that there may be a purpose for my mispent youth - That I could be helpful in some quiet way ...

Just by being

Just by being

Just by being ... today.


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