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Roads are Lonely

Blue is a writer and poet familiar with poetry and prose, as well as short stories. She has been published by numerous small presses.

Roads are lonely by blue carrisole

Roads are lonely by blue carrisole

I love- hate roads, simply because although you experience the most intense, most passionate things while on the way, the feelings you get could be very overwhelming.

There are some moments where you can’t help but admire the view of the landscape that you pass by and there’s other moments where bumps juggle you up and down on the inside. Sometimes we feel turned inside out and by the time we get our bearings straight we look at the long road ahead and the fear of not knowing what lies beyond what you can see scare us still, so moving forward seems almost completely impossible.

There are times when you see a bump ahead, try to avoid it only to fall into a hole instead. Its easy to be upset with yourself and the rest of the world because you feel trapped with no way out. You might think it’s the hardest thing you’ll face. But I think the most painful part of being on the road is realising that the one person who was beside you for so long on the journey is now turning the opposite direction you are when you're both standing at a junction.

You never saw it coming.

Yet now, they are going off on to some dirt road completely estranged to you and whether the sun is shining or rain is heavily pouring over you, you're standing there paralysed; watching them go with their backs facing you, wondering if they realise or notice you're no longer holding hands or they were always planning to let go of you to begin with.

So, as their figure blurs off into the distant horizon, you’re likely to ask yourself if they can also feel the devastation you do or if you ever really mattered to them, considering that you’ll be alone only silence speaks back to you.

You’ll feel lost and confused.

All the beautiful landscapes that surround you, now seem like empty platforms where you could lay or bury all thoughts, questions and possibly accurate conclusions.

When you look out at the road before you there’s a chance you might ask what’s the point of moving forward and most likely you might not be willing to. Nevertheless, when you finally are ready to continue the journey you might just tell yourself that you’re better off alone because better that than feeling the pain you just overcame all over again.

However, secretly the combined voices of hope and your inner desires whisper that you'll see that you’ll see that person again. On the other hand, the cold hands of reality will hold you and your instincts will tell you that no matter how dear...some people are just temporary which leaves you praying you'll meet the permanent ones at the next stop of your journey, but until then...it’s just you and this road sharing in all things lonely.

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Summy on June 11, 2020:

The depth of this article is just mesmerizing

Mark on June 09, 2020:

Very nice metaphor for life

Zaakira on June 05, 2020:

I certainly didn't see the continuation with loss coming up! This is very introspective, it made me reflect on some of my own paths as well.

Zee on June 04, 2020:

This is beautiful ❤️ We need more!

Naima on June 04, 2020:

I love this! Your work is so pure and real. Keep going!

Sarah on June 04, 2020:

Wow i felt this❤ This is painfully true. I love your perspective on this and all the different emotions you managed to convey . I'm looking forward to read more of your work!

Sahil Gandhi on June 04, 2020:

I love this work ❤️ Keep it up!

Kashish on June 04, 2020:

Omg!! This article has got some real depth. Wonderfully expressed how lonely roads actually are!❤️

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