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River of the Majestic Moon


Majestic river, write me a fine tune, let your playful ripples sing to the moon,

Nightly brother's beams, sent in streams, divinely spread, across your bed,

Spin your tales, magical songs, oh gifted magician, who, to the night belongs,

Mountain tops, your origin of birth, as in playful mirth, by springs you are fed.


Weave your symphony, sweet serenade, all in time, a most special promenade,

Artist of delight, as of a finest ballet, dance, to prance across pillows, displayed,

Rhythmic lyrics bathe every shore, your melodies, so sweet, sent by the score,

Grand orchestration, in ballad, their rhyme, invite our senses, moods to implore.


Swing to and fro, as farther you go, down the hill, in fast cascades to spill,

Soon quiet eddies and in pools, so deep, as for a time, you seem to sleep.

Running so smoothly, few ripples to see, lined by banks, the tallest oak tree,

Majestic old stream, you wear age so well, as you run along, proud and free.


Old majestic river, such a joy giver, always a worthy evening to deliver,

Memory keeper, always a companion, in dreams, moon beams reaper.

What secrets you hold, shall all go untold, forever held in you, so deep,

As our time moves on, solace we shall find, all alone, if only in our sleep.


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