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Right & Wrong

Hey, I am Nishika. I'm a budding writer and enthusiastically explore different areas. I always try to keep myself motivated and enjoy life.

"sometimes all you need is a new perspective".

"sometimes all you need is a new perspective".

Where's the fun in doing things the right way?

Just give it a thought - may it be a small event or the biggest decision of your life, everything planned turns out be fine and falls in exactly right place. All moves at a particular pace and you are satisfied with the atmosphere. But, where's the buzz? Buzz of excitement, tension, pressure and your heart beat. Do you even feel alive? With no hustle around you, do you even realise how much you're missing? And how will you know or discover, that what it feels like when everything gets upside down? How will you learn to face the unexpected conditions and situations?

Shouldn't we be excited and interested in doing things the wrong way and yet make them happen or be the right way? Shouldn't we just stop worrying about how all that's planned happens or turns out be the way it's planned, and just do it in the craziest way possible? Shouldn't we just focus on a fact for a minute that when everything gets jumbled and your surroundings stop, you are the only one most alive! You can listen your heartbeat, may it be because of fear of what could be worst? People think that everything has fallen out of their hands at that moment, but no, it's just the opposite.

Everything is 'in' your hands, because that's the time when no one else takes responsibility for what went wrong. It's you and only you with your failed plan, your mistakes, your bad decisions and maybe your bad time. You are the only person who has hold of all the things in that moment. You are the one who has the power to make your surroundings move again and take decisions. May they be wrong again but that's how you know and then accept the fact that you're a human.

So why not just take wrong decisions, enjoy doing everything in a wrong manner and do it your way. Make no plans or maybe make them and follow them oppositely. Let everything go wrong and then your actual work starts, that's when you'll struggle to make it right. Make bad plans, let them be brain-sick or half backed. Because, where's the fun in doing things the right way?

© 2019 Nishika Chhabra

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