Right vs. Wrong

Updated on May 5, 2017

Right and Wrong

Trying to be right when all I want to be is wrong

Despise you in every single way because of the hurt you put me through

I just can't seem to get over the fact

That a man would do this to a woman who had his back

It's as if I want to hate you and yet I still love you

Or would you say that I am confused?

Just maybe I am which is why I can't decide on how I actually feel about you

Because it hurts like hell

That I gave more to a man who could care less whether or not this relationship failed

I can't stand the fact

That here I am loving you

and yet you turn your back

The pain that has been inflicted upon me

Really runs deep

They say when someone hurt you is never about you personally

But this doesn't feel as if this had nothing to do with me

This has me shaking in my knees

So yes, all I want to be is wrong but all I can be is right

Walk around with a smile

When I really want to bite

Bite back and fight the claws that scratched me up

In such a situation

Pen you down while I throw this drink in my cup

Causing havoc in an already so destructive confrontation

I am mad

Sitting here thinking that I want to throw hands but I won't do it

So I'll gracefully smile while I glide and stick to it

I'm in disbelief I guess

That a man would think of me as anything less

That you stole something so precious of mine

Only to crush it and throw it behind

So again all I want to be is wrong

Handle this the wrong way

But I know that you reap what you sow

As so they say

So as much as you have done to hurt me

You are the one who will be crying in the end

Nice try, you lose and I win

So farewell, well wishes my friend

Reap What You Sow

Move ON....

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return

Sometimes we must walk away from the the person we love

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