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Mountain Repercussions

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"It was midday when my mom ordered me to go to the bakery to buy something where, and I quote, " we can put at least three birthday candles". She knew I was talking with my girlfriend and friends on the phone, we were supposed to go to the mountains to see the stars and maybe some more at night, but as I forgot that was my grandmother´s birthday, she didn´t care to make me cancel everything. My mom and dad were going to pick her up from the airport, and I calculated at least three hours for them to come back. And, as they didn´t let me go camping, I considered that I deserved to play video games with my online friends. I had plenty of time, and the cake could wait."

“Don´t forget to turn off the oven before you leave, the lasagne’s there, and I can´t afford to get it ruined, did I make myself clear?” she said annoyed, snatching the headphones from my ears. Rude.

“Well,” I cleared my throat, “even though I calculated my parents time, I didn't think mine. Time passes fast when you're having fun." “Anyway,” I continued, ignored her judgy look. “I took my phone, didn´t even said goodbye to my sister; she was in her room making her homework or something about college. I grabbed the money that was on the table, and I was so distracted by my stupid wish of going to the mountains, that I didn´t notice the oven. I closed the door, and without knowing it, I took the keys. I left my sister locked, and she could've..." I stopped talking. Took a deep breath, my mind was shaking, and my body wanted to escape from the situation, even my voice faded now and then. I messed up.

“The bakery was about four blocks away from the house. I bought a red velvet cake, and with the money left over, I decided to reward myself, and I went three more blocks down to the main street; I wanted some ice cream. When I was about to head back to the house, the firefighter's alarm bumped me, and I couldn't move. I felt my heart rising out of my body, and I knew it. I could felt it.”, I explained, still shaken. “You have to believe that I don´t remember running into the flat on flames, neither punching your fellow police officer. I´m very sorry. Truly. The only thing I remember was that I was licking my ice cream, and then I was here. Between a suffocating heat, feeling an overwhelming fear and the smoke turning the sunset black. I felt ashes on my hands when I saw the flat. Then I woke up with a headache and cuffed. I'm telling you, really, I'm no threat to anyone".


"Is she going to be okay?” I asked, after a minute of quietness. "My sister and the other people..."

“I´m not a doctor kid. She´s headed for the hospital now.” I listened to her while seeing how my mint ice cream was slipping into the sewer, what a waste. That officer should not have pushed me the way he did, he made me drop my ice cream, and I only wanted my laptop back; at least I was able to punch him. My mom should have let me go to the mountains; nothing would have happened if she had. Now here are the consequences.

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