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Unexpected meeting turns into lifetime commitment. If you ever read this , please smile .


Rendezvous: a common story and title

I saw a man ten years ago when I was visiting my relatives in the city. He was walking on the road and our eyes met , and it was so awkward that I don't even know how I survived that 10 seconds eye to eye moment . He was a complete stranger to me but my cousin said he was a friend of his . I asked his name and his number and we became friends .

We were just friends at first. The only reason why I got his number is because I want to know what my cousin has been doing with his life. We text each other everytime, sharing stories of our lives , asking what are we doing , simple conversations and thats all . Until we started having phone calls , I call him when I'm bored, he sings to me at night and that's when I feel it isn't ordinary .

A month passed he confessed to me . I said yes of course . I was so young and vulnerable at that time , but I know what I was doing . I thought maybe I was malnourished with love so I find someone who'll make me feel I'm important . What he didn't know that time, is who I really was . Before, it was easy to lie because of the poor communication system unlike now . But even though I wasn't afraid of getting busted . I was afraid he'll turn me down .

Two months before we celebrate our anniversary, there is a prom on our school . He asked me if he could come but I said no . He doesn't know I wasn't going attend because of my financial and family issues . That time, I started being cold . Everytime he texted me , I always say that I am busy for dance practices even if I'm not.

The night of the prom has finally arrived . But I was in our house sleeping . I can hear the music from our school so I cover my ears. Hearing it just want to make me shout and curse everything.

It was 2:00 am , and I was already asleep . A horn keeps honking in front of our house . When I opened the window I saw my cousin with a familiar man behind him .
My cousin told me they drove from the city to our town because they wanted to see me to our prom . He was scolding me and keeps yelling at me because they waited there for a long time.
I dont know if I was still half sleep or I just turned mute . I just keep on ooking at the man he was with. He was holding flowers and smiling. Finally when my cousin finished his sermons, the man handed me 10 roses for our tenth month . He didn't asked me why I was home , why I lied , or anything else that was to be questioned . He just said with a big smile ,
"Happy monthsarry." That moment I just bursted in to tears. I felt like all that I have been keeping by myself is finally coming out .He hugged me and said that it's okay , cause I still have a year left . He promised to me that next year he will make sure that I attend. And I dont know how .

Years passed , I went through a lot . I have to transfer school to where my cousin is going to. The prom day is approaching , but I don't even mind . This time I am not crying even if I can't attend . Somehow I realized that having a tough life teaches you to be resilient in every situation.

One day he called me . He said he was in town , and asked if I was able to meet him . It was weekend , but I have work . I am doing errands for someone in exchange of money for my daily allowance in school . We were talking on the phone and my employer overheard our conversation . She said that if it is important, I can go. So I did . I went to the town and meet him in the plaza . His smile is still shining everytime I meet him . I followed him as he walk and jokingly asked if he was going to treat me for a meal .
Finally he stopped walking , and pointed something with his lips . A gown rental shop . He went inside and asked the lady if there is gown fit for me for a prom . I was speechless at that time . I keep telling him it wasn't necessary but he keep insisting that he wanted to . I picked a gown and he paid for it . I still can't move on and a bit worried because a gown is not sufficient for attending the prom. Suddenly he handed me money and said " I know what you were thinking . In battle you always need a sword . And this is your sword ." I stared at him as if to say no . I dont like to accept money from him , a gown was enough but he told me what was the gown was for if I can't go without paying fees.

The prom came and you also came to our house with a guest . I asked who it was , and you said that she will do my make up . I just couldn't believe that this is happening .It was like giving a coffee to someone then adding a milk and sugar onto it .

Before I leave to the the prom , you held my hand and looked at me " A year ago I promised you this . What about you, what will you promise me?" he asked and said "I will promise that I will marry no other man but you." And that I fulfilled, five years ago ... and still counting ...

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