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Remembering Their Summer


He remembered the first time he saw her,

across a field of wild flowers.

Her eyes shining and blue -

as the sun filled the sky above.

It seemed as if she was gliding through the field,

a moment that made him forget the world,

he watched as she approached -

while his horse softly neighed.

He remembered seeing butterflies,

flitting from flower to flower,

so very colorful he’d never noticed before

and then she smiled so brilliantly.

The country road was familiar to him,

but she made it and the day extraordinary.

She was a vision out of a fantasy -

perhaps an enchanted fairy.

Her hair was the color,

of the golden hay,

her smile like the sun rise,

on a summer’s day.

Even though they’re now parted,

he’ll never forget their summer

when she came to him like a vision

and their love was strawberry sweet.

It all comes back to him,

time and time again,

when the soft summer breezes -

blow the scent of fresh hay all about.

He wondered where she was

and as he passed this field,

he had dreams of seeing her again -

perhaps one summer she’ll come to him once more.

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