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Remember Me: Fireworks


Like a shooting star falling from the sky, you came to me with a heart looking for an adventure and that sweet smile of yours. It was full, toothy, and radiant, and it adorned your features perfectly. The first time I saw it, I stood there, stunned and breathless. I had second thoughts. I doubted your existence, for how could such a person that embodied the word 'grace' present their self to me so willingly.


"I want this"

"I want that"

You always requested things from me, and without complaints, I gave it all to you. I don't know why — perhaps it's because of your voice. Silky and smooth, as deep as the seas when serious while as soft as the clouds when you say my name. Maybe it was how your hand fitted so well in mine like it was explicitly molded for me despite the differences in their sizes. No matter what it was, I got used to it. I started searching for it, and soon, I gave you my heart without you even asking for it.

I was hesitant; you were eager. I pondered whether I should open up again — if it were worth kicking down my walls for you. And upon months of thinking, I found in myself a certainty. Exactly two months from the day we met, when the snow reflected the moon's yearning for the sun, when the clouds parted to let the stars illuminate your smile, I knew.

Because it was the first time when things were so good, I wasn't sure whether it was true.

Looking into your eyes, searching for the mysteries of the universe, I stumbled upon myself. I never liked seeing myself before until I saw myself in you. And from there on, I got to discover a side of me I never knew I had — patient and slow.

I always rushed — making the most of my time, doing whatever the hell I wanted — for I didn't know until when I had the freedom. You taught me that there was a beauty in waiting, a thousand possibilities in holding off, in restraint. Whenever you got too close to me, your touch electrifying, your voice intoxicating, I almost failed. I was already weak way before I wholly had you, that it made me wonder how much of myself would I dedicate to you when we finally call dibs at each other's hearts.

Then the most beautiful moment in my life happened — the day I felt your lips on mine.
I never knew a pair of lips moving against another could be so precious. I never knew that bodies working their way around one another could be so priceless. I never quite understood how love felt like, how it was different from lust, and reckless fucking. But the way you held me, and how I kept you in my arms as the night continued endless, I could only nod in realization.

Like wine, the more time breezed past us, the more our relationship became sweeter.
Like wine, you made me too tipsy that I lost my sense of reality.

Before I knew it, you slipped away. Thinking back, how was I? I might have been too blinded by the happiness I entailed that I only kept a supercut of us.

You always told me that a coincidence like us would only come once in a lifetime, I would disagree — you were wiser than me. When I close my eyes, the magic starts. In my memories, where you always shone brightly, back when I had hope.

Conceivably, we may be a love story too early to be told. I always find fragments of our little time together in the things I do and the stories I write. It makes me curious whether you draw me in your mind too. Thinking that hurt for a while, and it still hurts from time to time.

Back when things were lovable, a wonderful time, I wander. I hope you don't forget. I hope in your spare time you remember me, for the seasons that passed us by, are too magnificent to be wasted. So when the snow is glistening again, and the sky is cloudless, won't you look up with me, and hear my voice when I ask.

Do you remember, the fireworks back then?


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