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Reflections: Time for a Change

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mother daughter scooter by WhatDaveSees

mother daughter scooter by WhatDaveSees

As the wind brushed the little girl's hair across her face, her mother reached over and gently tucked it behind her ear. The lady watched the interaction with interest. It was a moment in time she had never experienced with her own mother. A feeling of sadness and self-doubt swept over her.

The lady's mind wanders back to childhood memories. It reached back to the time she felt this same type of endearing love. However it was at the hands of her grandparents not her mother. Her only twinge of pain was the fact it was not from a mother's love. She realizes without them she would have had a huge void in her life. The sadness reflected in her eyes.

She always wondered why her mother never loved her the same way as her brother. No matter what she did as a child it never seemed to ever gain approval from the one person she wanted love from the most. She always longed for special mother daughter moments which seemed elusive in her life.

She grew up with a mother yet not as a true mother. As the years went by she finally realized that she would never ever acquire her mother's approval or love. When surrounded by a toxic person, one has to make the tough choice. When around a person who constantly tears your self-confidence and self-esteem down, there is only one choice. The path to take is to cut complete ties with the toxic person. It was the only way she could find herself and restore her confidence. She walked away and never looked back.

Mother Loves Her Baby by photographymontreal

Mother Loves Her Baby by photographymontreal

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