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Redneck Justice

I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..


Jim was traveling to his work in town just like he had done every morning for the last thirty years. It was just a routine morning or was it? As he came over the hill approaching Jensen’s Pond he saw an old beat-up pickup truck with a large man with long hair and a beard carrying what appeared to be a burlap bag to the pond. Something in the bag was moving, Jim could see it as the man threw the bag into Jensen’s Pond. The man got in his truck and drove off.

Jim couldn’t keep driving, he knew that something wasn’t right. He stopped right where the man had stopped his pick-up truck. Running to the pond, he dove in and saw the bag in the bottom of the pond. Jim got to the shore soaking wet with the bag in his hand. Setting it down on the ground he untied the string that was holding it closed. He reached in and pulled out four of the cutest little beagle puppies. They all appeared to be alright. Jim sat on the ground and held and petted each one. He was so angry that anyone could do such a thing to such cute little animals that could be wonderful pets to someone.

He called work on his cell phone and explained what had happened. He took the puppies back home. His wife opened the door and said, “What happened to you, Jim? You are soaking wet.”

“I’ll tell you in a minute. Right now I need for you to help me get some puppies out of my car.”

They went to the car and brought them all inside. Jim then sat down and told his wife what had happened. “How can anyone do such a thing?” she said. Jim just shook his head.

Jim went to work and finished out his day. He walked out of the building and sat in his car a few minutes. He picked up his phone and called his brother Elmer and told him what he had seen. Jim asked him if he knew anyone that drove an old green rusted pick-up truck. The man had long hair and a beard. He looked like a cranky old man.

“Yes, I know him. He is about as mean as they come, especially if he is drinking like he does most of the time. He beats his wife too.”

Jim said, “Can you tell me where they live. I have an idea.”

Elmer gave Jim the address and then Jim asked Elmer if he wanted to help him teach this old man a lesson. Elmer agreed and later Jim told his wife that him and Elmer were going to do something. Neither of their wives had any idea what Jim had in mind.

Jim was sitting in his car with Elmer watching the old man’s house from a distance. They saw the old man come out of the house and get in his old truck. They watched him drive off and then they walked to the front door of his house and knocked. A woman came to the door and it was obvious that she was in distress.

“Are you alright?” Jim asked? “We can see you have been crying.”

The woman just shook her head and looked down at the floor. “Why are you here?” she wanted to know?

Jim told her about the puppies. She started to cry. “I knew he was going to do something bad. What did he do?”

Jim told her about her husband throwing the puppies in Jensen’s Pond. “He is so mean, he has always been that way and he is worse when he drinks.” Elmer was looking at her and said, “He beats you doesn’t he.”

She nodded her head. Jim and Elmer could both see bruises on her face and her arms. Jim said, “Do you have other bruises besides the ones we can see?” She started to cry and lifted up her shirt showing bruises on her back and her front.

Jim said, “Don’t worry about the puppies. I have them at home and we are going to find good homes for them.”

Elmer added, “I have a feeling that he is going to be treating you a lot better too.” He looked at Jim and they both nodded

Jim and Elmer left. They sat in Jim’s car for the longest time and talked about what they should do. Elmer said, “Do you think we should tell the sheriff?”

“You know that is going to be a waste of time. People like this just don’t change unless they are forced to. I have an idea.”

Elmer knew that when Jim got something in his head it would be something major. Jim sat at home that night and thought about what was going on. He said to his wife Janet, “what would you do if you was married to a man and he beat you?”

Janet said without hesitation, “I would kill him.”

Jim said, “well honey, I am going to keep on your good side.” They both smiled because Janet knew that Jim would never hit her.

“Why did you ask that?”

“I found out that the man that threw the puppies in the pond beats his wife. That bastard will hate the day that he pissed me off.”

Jim called Elmer and told him what he wanted to do. “Brother you know that I am all for teaching this man a lesson.”

When the old man took off down the road it was just another day to him. However, his life was about to change. Just as the man got to the spot where he had thrown the puppies into the pond Elmer pulled out from the side of the road and Jim pulled in right behind the old man. They ran over and pulled him out of his truck “Stop it! What are you doing?” the old man yelled. “I will call the police on you.”

“You just do that,” said Jim. “Don’t forget to tell the police that you beat your wife.” They tied the man’s hands and feet and put duct tape over his mouth. Jim and Elmer proceeded to throw the man on the ground. The man was really scared. His eyes were bulging out and he was thrashing about. They put the man in a large burlap bag, similar to the one he used to throw the puppies into the pond. They tied a large rock to the bottom of the bag and threw the man into the pond.

Jim and Elmer sat on the ground and Elmer said, “I wonder how long he can hold his breath?” They looked at each other and laughed. It was a minute and a half later when they dove into the pond and pulled it out.

They untied the bag and it was obvious that the man was scared. They pulled off the tape and the man screamed, “I will tell the sheriff what you are doing.”

Jim said, “Good, the sheriff is a good friend of mine. I don’t think he will mind.”

They tied the bag back up and threw the man in the pond again. This time it was nearly two minutes before they pulled him out again. Opening up the bag the old man was crying. “Please stop, please.”

Jim asked him if he was going to harm anything or his wife again. “What I do is my business,” he said.

They threw the man into the pond for the third time. Elmer said, “Why don’t we just leave him there?”

“Don’t temp me, Elmer.”

They pulled the man back out for the third time. “Please stop, please, I can’t take anymore. I will do what you want, but please stop.”

Jim said to him, “You tried to kill those puppies and you beat your wife. You are going to change. If you don’t, you will be at the bottom of this pond for a long time. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand you,” he said crying.

Jim said, “You will never again beat your wife and you will never harm another animal. If you do you will end up at the bottom of this pond for a long time. Do I make myself clear?”

Elmer added, “We are going to visit your wife from time to time. If we ever see even the slightest bruise on her we are coming after you.”

The man nodded his head. They untied the man and let him go.

“Do you think he will change?” Elmer asked.

“For his sake he better,” Jim said.

The old man went to town and entered a bar. He ordered a beer and after the bartender brought it he just stared at it for the longest time. Never taking a sip he got up and walked out, never to enter again.

He went home, apologized to his wife and hugged her. He promised to never hit her again. He never did, he became a changed man, thanks to redneck justice.

© 2017 Larry W Fish

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