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Redemption of a Guilty Party

The long road to redemption...

The long road to redemption...

Exploitation, its horrendous denunciation, the worth of all human kind,

The eradication of the species, rather than the creation, now so blind.

Exoneration, only achieved by sweat and tears, renewal, if all to share,

Its application, to build the world, anew, a work of architecture, so rare.

The storms created by the hand of man alone...

The storms created by the hand of man alone...

We must accentuate the positive in our lives, as we compensate for wrongs,

Should detoxicate in our inadequate practices, to perpetuate all that belongs.

As we rejuvenate our flora and fauna, perhaps to exonerate for our misdeeds,

Concentrate on blessings of all life, demonstrate a responsibility, of our needs.


First there must be an admission, this terrible compulsion, the obsessions,

Should be no confusion, nor as some vague pretension, with no exceptions.

There has to be a farsighted vision, a realistic expulsion, without distortion,

To be a united acclimation, to prevent all annihilation, no more barbarization.

to prevent all annihilation...

to prevent all annihilation...

There must not be more disention, this wrong, in its prevention, its demise,

This world's beautification, in our own elation, an obligation, nothing defies.

We must have united collaboration, a determined congregation, all applies,

The practice of conservation, for all of life's continuation, it does comprise.

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The spirits of this world to soar...

The spirits of this world to soar...

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