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Red and Blue: A Sci-fi Story On Kindness With Limits

Mansurat is a creative writer that writes sci-fi, fantasy, and romance stories.

Red and Blue

The security department sounded the alarm and we could perceive our lives coming to an end.

From all indications, our planet had run out of time and there was no way to save it. This meant that once the core of our world got activated, it was going to blow up with all of us in it.

So we sat underneath the shaky mountain to discuss how well we had spent our lives as we waited for the next course of our transition.

"I feel like all my life, I was used and betrayed by all who claimed to love me." Red said.

"How possible can that be?" I asked.

"Blue, everyone seemed to want me for what I could offer and reciprocated very little. The crazy thing is, I never tried to object to this behavior even if it hurt me."

"Why didn't you object? You know our world is one with insatiable creatures and no one ever gets tired of taking."

"I don't know. I wanted to be kind but it drained me."

"You can be kind with limits, Red. Your life source seems to be running low." I said as I noticed her antennae was shedding its outer layers.

"I never stopped to recharge. There's no point now. It will all be over soon."

We paused staring at the different armors that drove past us. The security agencies were doing all they could to contain the incoming doom even if everyone knew there was no escaping.

"How did you manage to stay blue and full of life?" Red asked.

"I learnt to embrace my limits and enforce them." I replied.

"How did you do that?" Red asked.

"I gave to everyone generously and I knew when to stop to recharge and give to me. Regardless of who it will hurt."

Just then, we heard the first quadrant of our planet pull out. The noise that emitted from the break was deafening. Everything in that axis ceased to exist.

"We are doomed." Red screamed.

I held onto her as tightly as I could. We were determined to transit into the next stage of our existence together.

"This might sound crazy as we are about to blow up but, how do you know when you can no longer give?" Red asked.

"I pay attention to how I feel." I replied.

"That's it. I spent my whole time ignoring how I felt and how my actions made me feel. I'll try not to do that in our next existence." Blue said.

We heard the second sound and we started to disintegrate slowly. That's how we knew it was our quadrant that broke away. We split into little particles dispersing in space until I could no longer sense Red.


The story highlights the importance of showing kindness to ourselves, just like we treat others.

The planet is on the verge of collapse and two friends sit at the bottom of a shaky mountain to discuss their lives.

Blue is optimistic about the transition and satisfied with the live she has lived. Red on the other hand is dissatisfied, worn out and a little pessimistic.

She complains to Blue about how she feels. Blue shares how she managed to stay positive. She always knew when to stop giving to others and when to give to herself.

Red is amazed asking her how she managed to do that and Blue shares her secret with her. She always paid attention to herself and how she felt.

Red is pleased to have learnt something new and it feels like a priceless gift as they are about to blow up. Then, they hold onto each other awaiting their transition to a new existence.


At the end of life, what matters the most are the things we did and how they made us feel. Most importantly, how we make ourselves feel.

It is easy to ignore how we feel and focus on how everyone else feels. However, this leads to dissatisfaction.

It is necessary to know when to stop and when to carry on. Kindness and compassion are not things to be channeled to everyone else except ourselves.

Giving to yourself is fundamental to outward generosity. To be truly generous, we have to show generosity to ourselves first.

© 2022 Mansurat Zakari

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