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Real Prestige With the Department's Brass


The City of Bridgeport had seen its share of murders, but now it became open season on female Uber drivers. There was no hint of a suspect in any of the cases.

They found the body of another female Uber driver in a supermarket parking-lot over on the North-end. Her skull had been crushed with a very heavy object and she died instantly. That didn't stop the murderer from giving her the full treatment. She was found nude from the waist down and her toes were clipped off with a garden tool. Finally she was sexually tortured.

That made eight dead Uber drivers in the Park City since August. Of course they were all female and all unsolved. The murders had their own signatures, two were a beating to death, three were rape-murders with its own markedly different characteristics, and the other three had robbery intentions that resulted in death.

The police department feared that the string of unsolved cases was beginning to attract newspaper and social media headlines. It just looked bad for the city to permit open season on female Uber drivers. These murders suddenly acquired real prestige with the department's brass.

The captain of the police department wallowed at his desk near the back exit cursing every time his extension rang. Silently willing the communication department to vanish. Disappear into thin air so the calls would stop.

Incoming calls, incoming calls, incoming calls. That could make any department head scream obscenities.

The phone lines were ringing and the captain just stared at the flashing lights. He had enough of the conversations and enough of the media trying to anchor down his department.

The desk sergeant opened the door to see if his boss was in. “Are you going to get the phones, I've been transferring all the incoming calls to you.”

“Incoming!” He shouted. “Yeah I got it!”

He shouted obscenities time and again into the receiver, grabbing every call on the first flash. His mood blackened by the media publishing news that his department doesn't have a clue on how to handle the murders of the Uber drivers.

He used extra manpower to generate new leads and run down any loose ends. The Uber murders was their first priority before it was blown out of proportion due to that social media article that began the campaign by hinting at the possibility of a serial killer.

He had enough of finger pointing, face-book crap, and people suggesting that his department are just sitting on their hands.

The desk sergeant opened the door again slowly and poked his head in.

“What the hell is it now!” shouted the captain. “I took every call!”

“Yeah,” the desk sergeant seemed to be searching for the right words.

“I'm busy! What the hell is it?”

“Your grand daughter called to wish you a Happy Birthday, and to tell you that she has faith in you, but you told her to go fuck herself before she got in any of her words.”

The captain plopped his head on the desk.

“Oh, and the Mayor said, you drop dead first.”

The captain didn't even look up as the desk sergeant closed the door.

© 2017 Frank Atanacio