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Reading And Thinking At The Same Time



Looking at the bright cover of the hard bound book

The same words

Repeated over and over down the front of the book

I knew what it meant

Only a title to so many

Not to me

A man's life story

In the 324 typed pages

One view

A personal account of someone I didn't know

Until now I showed little interest

Now it's all I can think about

What an awful life

The saddest of all

Living in fear of each day

Worried that something might happen

He found a way to work through his troubles

Imaginary or real

Telling a side of life a few people see and others fear

The Man Who Couldn't Stop

By David Adam

OCD And The True Story Of A Life Lost In Thought


DREAM ON (author) on January 30, 2017:

Gypsy Rose Lee I get so involved in everything I do. In this world there are so many interests and desires. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a sunny and beautiful day.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on January 30, 2017:

Very well written. Made me want to know more about the man. I always have new thoughts in my mind while I am writing up my previous thoughts.

DREAM ON (author) on January 28, 2017:

Michael - Milec Finding ways to express my feelings when I read a story that is not just a novel but someone's life and their future.I don't want to put the book down. Then life intervenes and I have to go to work and eat and help other people. Learning constantly from each other. Thank you for all that you do

DREAM ON (author) on January 28, 2017:

Nellieanna Each day I get up and try to do so much. Most of the time I hit road blocks and detours that take me many places. So many I would of never gone.When I think of other people struggling to do the every day things I do easily. Now I am more motivated than ever to do so much more. The tough thing is these people become paralyzed in a secret world of their own so different than the world most people know. In many ways I can relate because the world of writing I dive into often while many of my friends pass right bye. I wonder what draws me if it is the same thing that draws them. The big difference is I go deeper to understand and learn. They go deeper in fear and pain. Thank you for reading and sharing. Less than three hours left and another day bites the dust.

Michael-Milec on January 27, 2017:

Your poem DREAM ON is telling me:

Ideally in complete concentration we are becoming aware of our inherent composition of the spirit soul and body.


As I am reading sitting tightly, bodily strained

While my soul - intellect follows the story you are painting out of the book

In my spirit I see you experiencing the whole event vividly

A picture giving to your readers

Thus we can see a true image of the man who "Couldn't Stop."

Great performance.

Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS on January 27, 2017:

How fascinating. It inspires me to find and look into that book.

But most interesting is how it grabbed your attention and involved you in that man's story. So many books I've read have drawn me in till I felt like the authors were literally my friends, who certainly had an effect on my own life. Some were history, some were philosophy, even science and fictional, - and others, like this one you mention, were biographical accounts of the authors' own lives and experiences. But authors inevitably put themselves into whatever they write. So there they are for us to know and befriend.

It's amazing how we can reach into each other's hearts and minds through written words, when we are keyed into it. This author's account sounds like a very difficult life, lived in terror of something threatening close at hand for him.

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