Random Feelings

Updated on April 19, 2017


Reluctantly walking on the empty pathway on a clear and frosty night, i was reflecting on my melancholic life.
It'll be alright, they say. But, when?
I wish i could turn back time and remain the little misbehaving cute child at school who laughed for no reason with my comrades.
I wish i could tell him how i really feel and all that was in my head.
I wish i could fly and touch the sky.
I wish i could travel around the world chasing sunsets and never look back.
I wish i could count the stars with no worries and responsibilities.
I wish i could undo my mistakes. I wish i could unmeet someone. I wish i could unlove someone.
I wish i could control my life away.
These days, sleep is an escape.
Unanticipatedly, my musings were interrupted by the hushed tones of two little girls. They were clearly homeless and scraggy.
I pulled out a chestnut candy from the pocket of my sweat pants and handed it over to them.
Their grey eyes, filled with curiosity stared back at me and expressed their admiration.
I was positive that they wanted to be me. They wanted the life i was living.
Striding along the path of thick old mahagony, i sat in my car negligent of the curve on my lips.


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