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Updated on October 14, 2019
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Adventures always have a beginning...but like any plant. The seed, time allow the roots to stay put. Plant the seed and enjoy the read

Spontaneous Suspense

While boarding the flight to Mexico she let out a shriek

“Oh No!! I can’t find it! I can’t find it! This can’t be happening!””

Everyone at the ticket counter turned around to see what the commotion was.

The lady shrieking, Jennifer, was a tall beautiful dirty blond Caucasian female, with a backpack ready for some sort of adventure. She had been looking at her phone in her hands worrying about where she left the file she needed to enjoy a peaceful rest on the outbound flight.

Unable to keep to himself, Keith, a tall athletic guy also waiting to check his bag, decided to go ahead to approach Jennifer to see what was wrong.

“I couldn’t help but to notice the panic you’re in. May I ask what I can do to help? There’s quiet a line and many hours to sit through until we hit Mexico, If your up for a drink...I think we can both use one.”

She looked at him with a kind sweet smile and nodded.

“You know, I can’t find my music and hate irrelevant small talk but if your up for a drink, I could use one.”

He smirked for a moment then wondered what that even meant. They proceeded to walk through security when Keith realized he left his phone in the bathroom and had to run back to find it.

By the time there was an hour of free time before the flight leaving Oakland was ready to board.

As Jennifer made her way to the gate, number 28B, she couldn’t help but to over here a group of kids talking about current events

“Did you see that lady freaking out earlier? Security took her cat and said that she had to surrender it since the papers from its vet were missing”

Jennifer pulled out her phone and opened up to a photo of her cat, Altho, a big fluff ball of intimidation and cuteness. She started to smile and tear up as she could sympathize with the poor person who just lost their cat.

Out of nowhere Jennifer felt someone push her aside, she looked around and saw nobody. Figured it was probably a passerby in a rush.

Boom! Again, she felt something followed by a tight sensation of someone attacking her.

Before she could do anything, Keith came in front of her with a bouquet of flowers.

“Listen, I know we just met and I haven’t asked you your name. But your eyes, as swollen and tear filled as they were earlier, they seem to be the most incredible diamonds of visual beauty I’ve ever seen. I know i offered you a drink, But before that...”

He pulls the bouquet of flowers from behind him and continue...

“Life has been a weird whirlwind of adventure, life, love and loss... something about you... I had to buy these flowers. I didn’t leave my phone, i actually had it but noticed that you’re what i call, 1 Oak... better yet, One of a Kind. I hope you like roses and deadly flowers.”

She stopped him suddenly this was all sudden and strange but inside felt too good to be true.

“Keith” she started

“It’s great to meet you, but we don’t know each other. I’d be delighted to take the flowers and have a drink.”

Keith smiled, nodded, gave her the flowers, a hug, and then went in to give her a soft kiss on the forehead.

“I know it’s all too soon, but like these flowers being planted... and through the harsh and beautiful environments it’s been through, they shine more than ever... and that... that is you Jennifer”

He then turned around and walked to the gate without looking back.

The whole experience weirded out Jennifer to a point where she just walked aimlessly to her gate while awkwardly smiling with the cutest dumbfounded smile.

She looked around and thought to herself ‘There’s no way that just happened’

But it did indeed and that’s where the story begins.

As the flight began to board, the same kids that were talking about the cat being surrendered, seem to be playing with a lighter.

“Very peculiar for that be going on in an airport”

Jennifer thought to herself as she said goodbye to the airport and hello to what was hopefully going to be an quiet, restful ride down to South America...better yet, Mexico.

As she walked through the the Jet Bridge, everyone ahead of her seemed to start making their way back.

“Technical errors my ass” started one disgruntled passenger as he flailed his hands up and stormed back to the gate. “I’m late to every meeting i need to attend, including my own funeral. How much longer til’ we can be in the air and drinking tequila en la playa”

The intercom system started to play and the Woman at the Gates voice could now be heard throughout the airport

“Attention everyone on flight 735 to Puerto Vallarta...Do to unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer able to enter Airspace for the region and will need to cancel this outbound flight. Should you have any questions, please feel free to head over to the customer service desk for your accommodations to be properly set. And thank you again”

Another gentleman that was exiting the jetway, all flustered now, seemed to fall down and start crying. “It’s happening already, I’ll never be able to say goodbye to her. I just hope she knew it was how it had to be.”

Jennifer started to eavesdrop into his rambling as for her own entertainment as her time table was now scattered and needed to now figure things out, Like What next...

Before making it to the ticket counter, Keith noticed Jennifer staring at the elderly mess in a trance and waved for her to come over.

She looked over at him with a fun nod and silly face, motioned to him that she’d be right there.

She stood up straight and proceeded to head over to the ticket agents to meet up with Keith and take care of her new bookings.

They both began walking toward each other when Keith started talking over to her,

“Man, this kind of sucks...but, you know what makes it better?”

He asked Jennifer as she looked back at him and responded...

”what can make this better? I’m thinking shots at the bar during happy hour or a quick transfer flight to Gautemala for a fun week of spontaneous adventure and no plan”

Keith’s face dropped. All the excitement in his eyes dropped as if he had seen a ghost.

“How long have you been following me for?” He softly asked.

“Following you??

You motioned for me to come over and here I am...”

She exclaimed

“...What makes you feel I’m following you, better yet... I feel like your stalking me”

He let out a slight sigh of relief.

“Well the only reasons because when I was at that counter, I switched my destination to the next 3 o’clock flight to Guatemala.

Not only that, I’m heading to the gate and there’s a bar I was planning on watching the World Series by and shoot off my final emails before the closing up shop for the trip...”

“...and it happens to be happy hour... so you predicted what I was doing by thinking of what you wanted to do”

“I’ll drink to that”

Said Jennifer as they smirked at each other in a mischievous but warming manner

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